10 Best things to do in Idaho 10 Best things to do in Idaho

What Are 10 Best Things to Do in Idaho?

What are the things to do in Idaho? A vibrant countryside that presents events and activities. Strolling around the scenic beauty, Idaho ski-resorts, national parks, and wilderness of Idaho, the state of the United States.

Until our recent trip to Idaho, we weren’t aware of such great things the state presented to its tourists. Southwest Idaho has proportionate tourist attractions to offer. Idaho is an ideal place to visit if you wish to spend some time outdoors with your friends and family. With a lot of adventures that Idaho provides to its tourists, the state is also known as the Gem State. With several landscapes, scenic sights, and cafes, there are innumerable things to do in Idaho!

The state provides a variety of breathtaking sites to enjoy, and to help you to explore the city; here are some of the best things to do in Idaho.

10 Best Things to Do in Idaho

Rocky mountains, visiting Yellowstone national park, or visiting the historic buildings in Idaho, there are a bunch of things to could do in Idaho. The state successfully draws thousands of tourists every year. This state never fails to bring joy and surprises.

To make your trip to Idaho memorable and interesting, we have listed a few things to do in Idaho.

1. Yellowstone National Park

yellowstone national park ga519a3591 1920
Images by kalhh images from Pixabay copyright,2017

One of the best things to do in Idaho is to visit the Yellow Stone National Park. This national park is in the western United States of America. This national park was established by the 42nd US Congress involving the Yellowstone National Park Protection Act and was turned into law when President Ulysses S. Grant signed it on March 1, 1872.

Yellowstone national park is the first national park in the United States. The national reserve is known for its wildlife and various special geothermal features like the Old Faithful geyser.

1.1. Old Faithful Geyser

One of the best things to do in Idaho is to witness the Old Faithful Geyser in Yellowstone National Park. Tourists visit this geyser because it erupts after every 90 minutes ever for 150 years.

It is the most popular geyser because of its predictability. Being one of the most infamous geysers in the world, it turns out to be one of the most important tourist attractions in Idaho.

1.2. Lamar Valley

If you love enjoying wildlife spotting, Lamar Valley is the best place for you. Located in a remote location, people visit this place to witness bison, coyotes, deer, and several spectacular landscapes.

1.3. Mammoth Hot Springs

One of the must-visit places in Yellowstone National Park is Mammoth Hot Springs. The main tourist attractions of Mammoth Hot Springs are the Minerva Terrace, Canary Spring, and Liberty Cap.

Location: Western United States, Idaho

2. Sun Valley

Whenever you visit Idaho, you can’t miss out on the resort city, Sun Valley, which is known for its historical relevance and scenic beauty. Hiking trails, biking, dining at restaurants, and strolling around this spectacular place are a few things you could do in the Sun Valley.

Sun Valley in Idaho
Image by CSNafzger from Shutterstock.com
2.1. Sun Valley Resort

Whenever you visit the Sun Valley during your vacation in Idaho, staying at the Sun Valley Resort is a must. This luxury resort place has a lot to offer to its visitors. It attracts skiing lovers and provides them with various winter sports. This resort has been visited by various Hollywood stars, and the hot tub in the afternoons is a must-try at Sun Valley Resort.

2.2. Gondola at Bald Mountain

One of the best things to do in Idaho is to witness great scenic beauty and various hiking trails and gondola rides; Bald mountain turns out to be the best place to visit whenever you are on vacation in Idaho. Sun Valley’s Dollar Mountain is another such destination renowned for its hiking trails.

2.3. Roundhouse Restaurant

The best time to grab some food while you hike at Bald mountain is at the Roundhouse Restaurant. Enjoy varieties of sandwiches, burgers, and salads in this aesthetic ambiance of the Roundhouse Restaurant. You can’t miss having a meal at the Roundhouse Restaurant as it is one of the best things to do in Idaho.

2.4. Sun Valley Gun Club

You could walk to this place from the Sun Valley Resort to enjoy sports shooting. This is one of the things you couldn’t miss out on during your vacation to Idaho.

Location: The Western United States, Adjacent To Ketchum City

3. Moon National Monument

Craters of the Moon National Monument | Idaho's Best National Park

A renowned place to visit in Idaho is the Moon National Monument, located in the Snake River Plain in central Idaho. The first thing you should do while you visit this place to explore is to visit the visitor center and obtain maps and guides about the place.

You could take a view along the magical 7-mile Loop Road, hike towards the Big Craters of the moon national monument starting from the Spatter Cones, and stroll around the Devil’s Orchid Trail.

Location: Central Idaho, Snake River

4. Shoshone Falls

shoshone falls gb1a033d99 1920
Image by lvumdt from Pixabay, Copyright 2021

The Shoshone Falls, well known as ‘Niagara of the west’, is located in Twin Falls, Idaho. It is among the largest natural waterfalls in the United States. Also known as the Niagara Falls of the west, the Shoshone falls are located on the Snake River.

Visiting Shoshone Falls is one of the best things to do in Idaho. So, one must not miss such an opportunity during your vacation in Idaho.

5. Warhawk Air Museum

Warhawk Air Museum in Nampa, Idaho

Another best thing to do in Idaho is to visit the Warhawk air museum, which is known for consisting of the artifacts and remains of the American experience in World war I, World War II, the Cold War, the Vietnam War, and the Korean War.

The tourists could get a clear picture of the conditions of Native American history and the physical and mental state of the men, women, and children during the time of War in the Warhawk air museum.

The Warhawk air museum is approximately 40,000 square feet consisting of an enormous collection of airplanes and various equipment. The rarely found remaining Curtiss P-40 World War II and World War II P-51 razorback Mustang fighter planes. This place can be explored with your friends and family on your visit to Idaho.

Location: Nampa, Idaho

6. Bird Aviation Museum

DRESDEN, GERMANY - MAI 2015: ancient flying machine Based On The Leonardo da Vinci Antique Light Hang Glider Vector in Dresden Transport Museum on Mai 25, 2015 in Dresden, Germany
By: Eagle2308/Depositphotos

One of the best aircraft museums in Idaho is the Bird Aviation Museum and Invention Center. Founded by Dr. Forrest Bird. The Bird Aviation Museum is known for featuring about 20 aircraft since World War 1.

If you are a student, this is the best place to explore during your vacation in Idaho. Bird Aviation Museum provides exhibits on various inventions ranging from Barbie Doll by Ruth Handler, Bird Respirator, and Apple II by Steve Wozniak.

Location-2678 W Cessna Ave, Hayden, Idaho

7. Idaho Botanical Garden

Botanical Garden Boise Idaho Part 1

If you are a nature lover, visiting the Idaho Botanical Garden is one of the best things to do on an Idaho vacation. The non-profit organization located in the Old Idaho Penitentiary Road Boise has been a major tourist attraction. The botanical garden includes several interesting things to do in Idaho.

The renowned botanical garden served as the Old Idaho penitentiary farm and nursery till 1973. Later in 1984, the site was declared to be a garden.

Providing tourists with eye-catching scenic landscapes and the chance to garden native plants in the Treasure Valley and relax as one witnesses the vibrant scenic beauty, the Idaho Botanical Garden is a place you must add to your list.

Location: 2355 Old Idaho Penitentiary Road Boise, Idaho 83712

8. City of Rocks National Reserve

National Rock Reserves in Idaho
Image by Guy In Utah from Shutterstock.com

One of the best places to visit during your trip to Idaho is to visit the city of rocks national which is also known as the Silent City of rocks national reserve. Located in southern Idaho, the reserve is known for consisting of huge granite rock emergencies.

Cross-country skiing, rock climbing, and hiking trails are a few things to do in the city of rocks national reserve. To get a plan of spending your day at the Rocks national reserve you could visit the visitor center present.

Things to Do at The City of Rocks National Reserve

  1. Hiking trails
  2. Camping
  3. Horse Riding
  4. Rock Climbing
  5. Cross country skiing
  6. Visiting Historical Sites

Location: South Central Idaho, Almo, United States

9. Boise

boise g07a235e66 1920
Image by Pinpals from Pixabay, Copyright 2018

The capital city of Idaho, Boise, is a junction that offers a lot of attractions that charm tourists. Boise is the junction of sporting activities and offers inner-tubing and whitewater rafting along the Boise river.

The Boise River Greenbelt is a pathway that links all riverside city parks. You could even enjoy mountain biking, rock climbing, hiking trails, and shopping along the busy evening streets of Boise.

Boise is also the historic center of Idaho, consisting of the Historical Museum and Boise Art Museum, where several performances in theatres related to art centers. You could take the help of the visitor center to get guided group tours during your trip to Boise.

Things to Do in Boise

  1. Boise River Greenbelt
  2. Freak Alley Gallery
  3. Idaho Capital State Building
  4. Idaho Botanical Garden
  5. Bogus Basin Mountain Recreation Area

Location: Idaho, United States

10. Sawtooth National Recreation Area

Pristine Idaho mountain lake in the Sawtooth National
Image by J K Floyd from Shutterstock.com

One of the other best Idaho tourist attractions is the Sawtooth National recreation area located in central Idaho.

Consisting of approximately 756,000 acres of expansive lands, 700 miles of hiking trails, and about 40 mountain peaks, the Sawtooth national recreation area offers its tourists a lot to explore. You could spend some time fishing, boating, hiking trails, rafting, and exploring nature.

You could spend some time taking a short boat ride at Redfish Lake, traveling through the beautiful mountain valleys by mountain biking, and spotting wildlife.

Location: Central Idaho, Sun Valley


1. What Is the Prettiest Place in Idaho?

Idaho offers its visitors with breathtaking scenic snake river walks, state parks, landscapes, wilderness, luxury resorts, and unforgettable adventures.

Idaho provides high-end resorts like the Schweitzer Mountain Resort, Sun Valley Resort, and Silver Mountain Resort to its tourists. You could even enjoy sightseeing Sawtooth Mountain by traveling through the Sawtooth Scenic Highway.

There are innumerable pretty places in Idaho, name a few are the National Recreation Area, Canyons Snakes, Bruneau dunes state park, Craters of the moon national monument, Hell Canyons National reserve, Sawtooth Idaho Potato Museum, Salmon river Middle Forks, Redfish lake and Lake Coeur d’Alene.

2. What is Idaho Famous For?

The beautiful city of Idaho is not only known for its extensive wilderness but also for potatoes, precious stones, and trout. Idaho is also known as potato paradise. It boasts spectacular mountain views and miles of protected wilderness. The Boise River can be used for fishing, and Idaho has thousands of trail paths to hike and ride.

Idaho is surrounded by Oregon, Nevada, Utah, and Washington, and a small portion of Canada attracts tourists through snow-covered mountain peaks, rivers, state parks, lakes, and various winter sports it provides.

3. What are Fun Thing to Do in Idaho?

Idaho provides a bunch of amazing things to do for its tourists. From spending your time near the infamous snake river by strolling around exploring your lovely snake river walk or visiting, Idaho falls river and enjoying Idaho falls river walk. Spend some time with your kin at Julia Davis Park, Silverwood theme park, or Bruneau dunes state park.

Rugged Lands and their wilderness has always been the best Idaho attractions. You could stroll around Boise National Forest or even enjoy cozy natural hot springs like the Kirkham hot springs and Lava Hot Springs. Idaho tourist attractions include the amazing Lookout pass ski area and witnessing the deepest river gorge, Yellowstone bear world, and some adventures on the Oregon Trail.

Spotting wildlife like grizzly bears while visiting Idaho would be a memorable memory for the tourists. Spending some pleasurable time at Resort City, Rocks national reserve, and Silver mountain resort after a tiring and adventurous vacation in Idaho is a must.

Make Your Trip to Idaho Memorable

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A precious state with several scenic landscapes and outdoor recreation areas to offer, Idaho is a place that you must add to your vacation lists. With several things to do in Idaho, this trip proves to be an unavoidable place to visit during your vacations.

5 Best Things to do in Idaho

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