best places for solo travel best places for solo travel

What Are 10 Best Places for Solo Travel Worldwide?

A famous saying indicates that we should not turn down a great adventure without a great reason; it seems to retreat into the distance as we age.

Canceled trips, no more making of the list for best places for solo travel, family reunions, study-abroad years, lazy beach vacations. Welcome to the pandemic of disappointments. Poof! Gone. Obliterated by a tiny virus.

However, adventures come out of the blue, often unbidden and sometimes unconsciously. And when we say “yes” to travel, it will lead us into the exotic, harsh, and exciting; let’s look at some of the beautiful and best places for solo travel worldwide.

1. List of Some Best Places for Solo Travel

Mentioned below are the best places for solo traveling. Make sure to visit them once in your lifetime. 

1.1. Ireland

Dublin capital of Ireland is one of the best destinations in Europe when traveling solo. The capital city is near the river Liffey, Ireland’s east coast. It is famous for its marvelous museums and ancient pubs with traditional live music.

10 Best Places to Visit in Ireland - Travel Video

It may surprise some people that Northern Ireland would be a good choice for solo female travel, but it’s safe now. Hospitality is one of Ireland’s strong suits. Irish people are so friendly and welcoming regardless of time and place. One could walk into a pub and make a roomful of friends.

Belfast is much more manageable in Northern Ireland than Dublin for solo female travelers. It’s much calmer and less overwhelming. We all have seen and shed a tear watching the movie Titanic. If you’re one of us, do not forget to visit the Titanic Museum there. For some of you who don’t have much interest in the Titanic, the museum is so well done and interesting, and interactive! That you can’t leave the place once you enter.

A solo traveler can have a blast in Ireland. You can try taking a week-long bus trip or spending another week in a hostel in Dublin, and in both places surrounded by tourists, you would always have people to hang out with. Plus, if you’re outgoing in about any pub, you can become instant friends with many Irish people.

1.2. Japan

To explore solo, Japan is one of the world’s cleanest, safest, most polite, and most organized countries. It has a unique culture, delightful food, and a world-famous mastery of technology.

We should warn you that the language barrier could sometimes be a problem. But since it’s the list of best places for solo travel, even in this situation, if you don’t speak the language, people will gladly help. The food is amazing, and for solo travelers, eating alone is very common. Plus, you will never feel afraid or unsafe even after dark.

manuel cosentino n CMLApjfI unsplash
Photo by Manuel Cosentino on Unsplash

You can always rely on the apps for navigation and use the classic “point and nod” method to order your food or find directions if you are planning to travel solo. People are extremely kind and friendly here and are always ready to help in case of any problems. 

When you are in Japan, make sure to fill your bags with some of the exact things of Japan, and do not forget to try their traditional food. Enjoy the hospitality and welcoming nature of the people here. 

1.3. The Netherlands

Amsterdam has been added to almost everyone’s list; the capital and most populous city of the Netherlands is a friendly historic city. Full of colors and is a dream destination for every solo traveler.

No one we have come across, solo or group traveler, has ever loved Amsterdam. It is a city for everyone, with cultural and historical attractions. Some other great destinations are the Rijksmuseum and the Anne Frank House. Then there are adult attractions that all of you have heard about, like the Heineken Experience and the Sexmuseum Amsterdam.

adrien olichon QRtym77B6xk unsplash
Photo by Adrien Olichon on Unsplash

And let’s not forget about the regulated Red Light Districts and the coffee shops. One of the best five-star hotels, the Pulitzer could be a nice stay, making friends and planning group tours in the big city.

Shockingly, Amsterdam hosts a range of accommodations for all budgets and tastes. The average cost of one night for a 1-bed queen room is around $150-$200 with a complimentary continental breakfast. 

1.4. New Zealand

People who plan their first trip to New Zealand fall in love with the place. In top attractions, Auckland, New Zealand, is famous for its great natural landscapes, city skyline, and historic rugby team. It’s an amazing place to travel on your own.

best places for solo travel
Photo by Aneta Foubíková on Unsplash

There are few theater lovers here, but you must visit the beautiful Civic Theatre if you are a theater lover. Then there is the incredible Sky Tower. Plan a self-discovery trip to one of the best places for solo travel and view the whole city in one go from the top of Sky Tower.

In Aukland, one can find good accommodation ranging from average to pricey, the food in Auckland is also very inexpensive, and the range of cuisines available is incredible with easy access. It’s a fantastic place to try seafood and lamb.

1.5. the United States of America

To all non-American readers, if you are looking at the States for your first solo trip abroad, let us present some places for your next solo trip — California and New York.

New York is perfect for solo travelers. It’s a city that never sleeps. Travel alone or in a group. Want to run things at your own pace or need a helper; shy and conscious or adventurous? This place is for everyone. New York City can cover every tourist who comes to this vibrant city. 

best places for solo travel
Photo by Zahid Lilani on Unsplash

With beautiful beaches in California, San Francisco is home to incredible sights. Also, add Alcatraz Island to the list of essential spots to visit and meet fellow travelers.

When traveling solo, the public transportation bus system is key, considering no one wants to pay a huge bill for Uber rides. In these conditions, cities like San Francisco are known to outshine. Between all the public transport like buses, trains, streetcars, and cable cars, you can get to every corner of the city safely without paying for a single overpriced cab.

1.6. Canada

Canada, the world’s second-largest nation, has it all. Breathtaking mountains, lakes large as countries, national parks, ease of traveling solo, friendly people, good food, and whatnot.

Toronto in Canada is a great city for solo travelers and has affordable public transport. Not much of a spender on transportation when going on trips? Jump on a local ferry, and you are ready to go and meet friendly locals. The natural beauty of their mountains and landscapes will leave you amazed.

best places for solo travel
Photo by Eugene Aikimov on Unsplash

And, of course, Niagara Falls. Jazz Festival in Montreal, road trips, ice skating, the culture of Vancouver, hiking, and indoor-outdoor activities. Yes, Canada has it all. For some people, it’s an ideal destination.

It’s worth noting that Toronto is on the list of one of the top destinations in North America for a woman traveling alone.

Let’s check out some other best solo travel destinations worldwide.

1.7. Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is beautiful and green — especially Ella, which makes a great addition to any Sri Lanka itinerary. The vibe you will get there is like a little hippie zone. Not surprisingly, it’s a paradise for backpackers.

Sri Lanka is like watching year-round wildlife. Generally, the main months like November to April, are the best times to spot elephants, leopards, and buffalo.

Ultimate Sri Lanka Travel Guide | The Jewel Of The Indian Ocean | Colombo, Galle, Kandy | Tripoto

Yes, small, but thanks to its jungle-clad mountains, golden sandy beaches, abundant wildlife in their natural habitats, and spice-laden cuisines, the island nation ensures visitors are never bored.

The remarkable train rides, fine dining near the capital Colombo, world-class surfing, and chic beachside cafes in the south of the country are some of the best activities for travelers in Sri Lanka.

Witness the world’s largest wild Asian elephant gathering, try traditional Sri Lankan rice and curry in Unawatuna, and get close to nature with a stay in a treehouse while watching the sunrise over Little Adam’s Peak.

1.8. Iceland

Planning the next trip with family. Iceland is your landing. Iceland is irresistible and an outdoorsy person’s dream with a safe country tag. It’s been ranked the safest country in the world for several years. It means, all worries aside, go crazy like an elephant.

Iceland Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

It is one of the best places for solo travel, with a walkable city and no fear of getting lost. Travelers can start from anywhere and reach their destination in a few hours in Reykjavík, the capital of Iceland.

Travelers in Iceland enjoy driving the Golden Circle or Ring Road, and that’s just the perfect area for a road trip solo if you don’t want to drive; who likes driving on vacation? So, if you don’t, the public transportation system is also great.

1.9. India

India has pros and cons like every country and can be very polarizing. This travel destination is not for everyone, so if you have no interest in rich history, vibrant and diverse culture, delicious food, and stunning landscapes, then there’s no sense in reading further.

We are not promising about the safety or ease of travel, but planning a trip to India could give you beautiful architecture, spiritual clarity, tempting beaches, rich culture, magnificent mountains, and great food with amazing variety. Do you know India is the only place where Cadbury first launched their products? 

julian yu WuPjE MPHo unsplash
Photo by Julian Yu on Unsplash

In the list of best places for solo travel in India, Rishikesh is a holy pilgrimage town that also contributes to its safety, as people come here to honor the gods, not cause trouble. Rishikesh is an extremely safe and relaxed place. Many travelers, including solo female travelers, visit Rishikesh to practice yoga and meditation. 

1.10. Taiwan

The country’s capital, Taipei, is one of the best places for solo travel and welcomes solo travelers looking to enjoy Taiwan’s cuisine. It’s located at the northern tip of Taiwan near the Tamsui River.

Taipei is home to incredible cultural delights. One should also visit the gorgeous Shifen Waterfall in the Pingxi District. We would also recommend the colorful Taipei National Palace Museum, home to 700,000 pieces of Chinese artwork and history.

best places for solo travel
Photo by Vernon Raineil Cenzon on Unsplash

Public transportation in Taipei is almost cheap, but pickpockets also know how to target tourists. Solution? Try not to look like a tourist!

Taipei is the perfect place for shopping lovers. One can find a variety of all the top brands in the city’s best retail districts without paying the prices you would find in several malls in London, Paris, Milan, New York, or Tokyo. You must try street food at extremely reasonable prices if you are a food lover.

2. Is It Weird to Travel Alone?

On a personal note, yes, it is weird. Sometimes it is also weird and exhausting for solo travelers, from planning to going on the trip. But at the same time, the solo traveler doesn’t need reassurance from anyone; they can make big, bold decisions by themselves. They make switching countries look as easy as changing clothes.

A society that encourages stability in every aspect of life makes solo travelers uninhibited soul warriors. We can assure you that you’ll never hear a solo traveler tell you anything but how wonderful, life-changing, and liberating their trips are.

best places for solo travel
Photo by Glenn Carstens-Peters on Unsplash

If you have the flexibility of work and trust and support from your loved ones, it’s time to find a travel companion or plan that solo trip you’ve been postponing.

Then there’s also the financial aspect of travel. And, of course, for natural introverts, solo traveling can be an extremely rewarding experience. This magic starts to evolve from day one when you say yes to that trip. You’ll learn much about others and yourself by choosing to go on that trip as a solo wanderer.

Some of us have taken travel for granted. It is said that traveling broadens our minds and refreshes us to a great extent. We have grown lazy and entitled, and that is never good.

3. Frequently Asked Questions 

3.1. Is Travelling Alone Healthy?

But traveling alone has much more advantages than disadvantages. In addition to doing wonders for your mental health, taking some alone time to think, reflect, and enjoy yourself can also strengthen your bonds with other people. It’s unlike anything else in life, and everyone should do it at least once.

3.2. What Should the Length of A Solo Journey Be?

According to solo travel trends, the most preferred length for a solo vacation is 10-12 days. A week and a half away provides you with more time to relax at each destination and an opportunity to immerse yourself in the local culture. 

3.3. Which Country Is the Safest Place to Travel Alone?

Norway, 83% of women in Norway felt comfortable traveling alone at night. Apart from being the safest country to stroll at night, it was also tied for first place with Japan in terms of homicide rates. According to the survey, this country has low overall crime rates.


By this article’s end, we hope you have a fair idea about the best places for solo travel worldwide. So, what is the delay all about? Get your bags ready and plan a memorable trip for a lifetime. 

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