10 Best Hikes Near Portland 10 Best Hikes Near Portland

10 Best Hikes Near Portland Nature Lovers Must Visit

Looking for the best hikes near Portland? You are indeed in the right place looking for answers. Portland seems like a blip; excellent neighborhood, great restaurants, and bars, parks everywhere, mountains and beachfront are only an easy drive away, and the kids have fun. Is it worth a trip? We hike!

Portland consists of dense and lush forests, which lead to scenic routes that serve as impressive hiking trails for hikers. The country consists of a vast forest occupying around 5000 acres with approximately 80 miles of hiking trails, popularly known as the Forest park.

Portlanders are renowned for their hiking abilities, and rumors are spreading among Tinder and Bumble profiles that people claim hiking is their favorite pastime.

Just a few minutes from the Forest Park, you could explore the ridge trail, hood river, paved path, and trail leading to several adventurous hikes. You could hike along the Dry creek falls, Tryon creek natural area, Lower MacLeay trailhead, and waterfall hikes near Portland.

You could take the help of the visitor center to get a plan to explore during your excursion. Portlanders love hiking. It’s easy to walk all over Portland, with many options for new and experienced hikers alike.

1. 10 Best Hikes Near Portland

Best Hikes Near Portland
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Portland is famous for numerous nicknames, including the City of Roses, Rip City Bridge Town, and Stumptown. It’d be called a “city with 1000 walks”. Portland loves the natural world. There are probably 1000 miles worth of hiking in the vicinity of Portland.

It is surrounded by enchanting greenery and some of the best hiking spots of all time outside Oregon’s boundaries, especially in the Columbia River gorge. You could either try out forested trails or flat trails or go on a falls loop hike.

You could even indulge yourselves in hiking the Tamanawas falls, Multnomah Falls, Upper Latourell falls, the Ten Falls loop at renowned Silver falls state park, and a trail along the Powell butte loop trail. Instead, we chose the best hiking route near Portland, which is within an hour or less. To help you find the best hike, we have enlisted the best hikes near Portland’s city limits for you!

1.1. Blue Loop Trail, Mount Tabor Park

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The volcanic cinders are a crowded tourist attraction with countless outdoor activities. One of the best hikes near Portland is the Blue loop trail located at Oregon’s eastside Mount Tabor. Hikers, cyclists, and soap box drivers frequently populate this area along with picnickers, playgrounds, and lawn game enthusiasts.

Mountain Tabor Park covers approximately 400 acres and contains 2 water sources that are easy to explore. Many trail systems within the park run throughout the public area. The Blue Loop is one of their preferred routes for those who like the direction. The trail runs for approximately 3 miles and circles the park with several lakes and water. Several parts of the trail include long staircases that eventually reach their peak.


Near San Antonio, Texas

1.2. Eagle Creek to Punch Bowl Falls, Columbia River Gorge

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The Eagle Creek Trails are one of the earliest hikes in Columbia’s Columbia River Valley. The building dates back over 100 years, and its latest occurrence was the 2017 Eagle Creek Fire that destroyed the area.

Despite a great effort by volunteers, the trails re-opened in 2021, albeit the damage has remained. The entire trail spans 131 km from the Columbia River Gorge to the Oregon Crest Trail and Mount Hood flanks. However, most visitors choose the approximate 4-mile round-trip walk to Punch Bowl Falls.

The sometimes noisy waterfall is worthy of celebration and the beautiful plunge into the pool. Nature is a big draw for hikers who want to continue their journey. These are the best hikes near Portland’s city limits that you could explore with your friends and dear ones.


Near Columbia River Valley

1.3. Marquam Trail to Council Crest

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Council Crest Park offers an impressive panorama of the Cascade Mountains. Council Crest is one of Portland’s most elevated points at about 1,000 feet elevation, where it once served as a park. While you can walk through the town center for the most popular tourist attractions, you can hike up to the top.

The most popular road leading to Council Crest starts with Marsquam Nature Reserve. The natural environment park offers the ideal jumping-off point to other hikes around the region as well. The trail up Council Crest from Marquam is an uphill 2-mile hike. The summit requires an elevation increase of more than 900 feet in elevation.


Portland, OR, USA

1.4. Maple Trail Loop, Forest Park

Hiking the Moss-Covered Maple and Wildwood Loop Trail in Forest Park  -Portland, Oregon (4K)

The Maple Trail Loop Hike covers 5,000 acres within Portland’s northwest city limits. It represents a large urban forest in the U.S. This city vacation is easy to get from public transport and offers a peaceful break from the hustle and craziness of the sidewalks and streets.

In total more than a thousand kilometers of trails are located within the park’s forest road network. Numerous trails within the Forest Park encourage customized hiking experiences.

The 30-kilometer Wildwood Trail is the main corridor and the common trail connection. With such large acres of forest paths, trails are far less frequent at Forest Park.


Portland, OR 97210, USA

1.5. Bluff Trail, Oaks Bottom Wildlife Refuge

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A series of gravel paths provide access to an unspoiled landfill at the southern end of the town. Alongside over 300 bird species, the place is often visited by hikers and nature enthusiasts.

Its hiking trails include Bluff Trail, the main route, and most excursions begin at Sellwood Riverside Park’s south end. Across the forest trail, the path goes north on a relatively smooth slope beneath several trees supporting diverse wildlife.

Featuring great views and observational areas, the trail crosses over a pond and then crosses over to a crossing point in the Spring Water Corridor. These are the hiking trails that you cannot afford to miss out on.


California 93402 ,USA

1.6. Tryon Creek State Natural Area Trail System

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Tryon Creek is one of a few state parks within a small area south of the town of Tryon Creek. The city of Portland is accessible to Tryon by taking 30-minute driving trips or 45 min. Upon your arrival, visitors are offered eight-mile routes.

Several paths lead from Tryon Park. This path leads into several bridges crossed by an interpretive nature center and nearly guarantees wild animal sightings. Many trail sections have minimal elevation gain, but several of them need some climbs. Tryon has an excellent reputation among young family members and small explorers in the city.


11321 SW Terwilliger Blvd, Portland, OR 97219

1.7. 4T Trail

Portland’s famous 4T trail loop is back

4T Trails is a unique self-guided hiking adventure that visits many of Portland’s finest attractions. This trail includes trains, trolleys, tramways, and trails that lend their names to them.

Its well-signalized attractions appeal to visitors and locals alike. The trail officially starts from Pioneer Centre Courthouse Square. 4T fans travel to the Oregon Zoo via MAX light rail.

The second step involves 1.3 miles on the Marquam Trail to Council Crest. The 4T signs are located on the Council crest at Portland Health and Science University.


Near Portland, Oregon

1.8. Mountain View Trail

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Powell Butte is an extinct volcanic cone on the eastern side of the town of Gresham, and the area offers many great trails that are worth exploring.

It can be enjoyed by hikers, cyclists, or riding horses. The park spans more than 600 acres with countless excellent viewpoints overlooking the Cascades Mountains.

A good hiking route to explore Powell’s stunning attractions is the Mountain View Trail. From nearby parking areas to a visitor’s center, the Mountain View Trail follows a simple route to the ridgeline before evening walks for the best views.


16160 SE Powell Blvd, Portland, OR 97236

1.9. Latourell Falls, Columbia River Gorge

Latourell Falls Loop Trail | Beautiful Waterfalls of Columbia River Gorge

Latourell Falls plunges over 200ft into the Columbia River Gorge, presenting a spectacular view of moving waters. The amazing falls can be accessed via the Columbia River Historic Route.

The trail starts at an incredibly prestigious but crowded Trailhead. One of the ways to reach these falls is by parking at Guy W. Talbot State Park near the trailhead parking area on the trail. A large picnic area offers the perfect place to relax after hiking. The climb to the waterfall at Guy Talbot takes about 900 meters to gain. The trail loops over 2.5 miles.


Columbia River Gorge, Multnomah County, Oregon coast

1.10. Lower Macleay Park to Pittock Mansion Hike

Oregon Hiking #1 - Forest Park (Lower Macleay Park to Pittock Mansion), Knock to the Vibes #4

From Lower Macleay Park to Pittock Mansion is an iconic urban walk in Portland. The hike takes visitors out on a five-mile tour from downtown streets, through peaceful woodland, and to the iconic Portland landmarks.

The trails are immediately accessible by public transport and take you to the forest’s most amazing sights and sounds. The trail is joined by the wilderness trail and climbs to Upper Macleay park. Stunning greens define the surroundings as the trail climbs approximately 800 feet along the path.


Captain Clark Regional Park

2. When to Go Hiking in Portland?

7 iconic hikes in Portland

All of Portland Metro’s hiking trails can be found year-round. It could rain, but you shouldn’t worry that snow is expected. Crowds and parking are the most important caution about preparing for the hike.

As Oregon continues to develop, Portland hikers can become extremely busy, especially on sunny weekends. More folks share hiking paths that would see much more widespread use in previous generations. The Columbia River Gorge also experienced significant fires on July 1, 2017, although many trails remain closed after the damage.

3. The Best Hike Near Portland (Mostly in The Gorge)

The following walks are not located within Portland’s limits but are within a half-hour drive. This hike usually is in the Columbia River Gorge. This guide provides information about the best hike in the Columbia River Gorge.

Trailing and exploring the dense forests or old-growth forests with several fun things to do, is the best way one could spend their vacation. The dirt trails, as well as flat trails, have enabled a better experience of hiking.

4. Where to Stay in Portland?

4.1. Jupiter Next


After your adventurous hiking trails, you could get some rest in a cozy room in Jupiter Next. Located in eastern Portland, found between the Buckman neighborhood and Lloyd District.

It consists of local creations of artisans’ muraled headboards and geometric blankets. It has various small music venues known as the Doug Fir Lounge.

4.2. The Society Hotel

One of the best hotels, which is located just over a mile from the awesome hikes near Portland, is the Society Hotel. Consisting of suite rooms and even hostel bunks, this hotel attracts tourists. The hotel is also associated with Society Cafe. You could even spend a little time on the rooftop deck with your family and friends.

4.3. Coast Hotel Portland

Coast Hotel Portland is the right place to visit when searching for a classic hotel near the best hikes near Portland. Considered to be one of the classic hotels in Portland, the Coast Hotel Portland has become an amazing tourist attraction.

Specialized steak menus and a historic stairwell made of marble act as a refresher after your adventurous hiking trails in Tryon Creek State Park, Willamette river, or Warrior point hike.

4.4. Aloft Hillsboro- Beaverton

Aloft Hillsboro-Beaverton Review - Hillsboro , United States of America

The closest hotels near Forest park are the best place to stay when you visit the best hikes near Portland. You could indulge yourselves in fun activities like the giant Jenga set and indoor pools and play various games that the hotel provides to its visitors.

5. Things to Make Sure of While Go to Hiking Trails

5.1. Follow Guidelines

Follow the guidelines provided by the visitor center. The visitor center is the best place to get your plan for the day to answer questions about where to hike or not.

The typical places to explore are the national and state parks for hiking. Before you head towards your trailhead, visit the official National park Service (NPS) site.

5.2. Itinerary

Prepare an itinerary before you go on the adventurous trip of hiking trails. Preparing an itinerary is a must to avoid missing out on the important features of that particular hiking.

The itinerary must include the starting point of the journey, activities to explore during the trail, and a scenic route to have during your hiking trail. Preparing plans before all advise anything.

5.3. Always Plan

Prepare an emergency plan beforehand. Hiking is an enjoyable sporting event, but at the same time, it is considered to be dangerous too. Hence, whenever you head towards the hiking trails, make sure you have an emergency plan planned beforehand.

5.4. Weather Forecast

Weather forecast
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The most vital thing to do while you go for a hike near Portland is to check out the weather forecast. Consult the visitor center or the rangers to find out the perfect time to go for hiking.

Well, even if it is considered the best time to hike, make sure you have your emergency plan set up before heading toward the trailhead.

5.5. Pack Smart

Carry a backpack containing essential items you may need in your sporting hikes near Portland. Your backpack must have a first-aid kit, sunscreens, navigation maps, torch or flashlights, food packets, water, and emergency shelters like tents.

You could carry raincoats, overcoats, matchsticks, an extra pair of clothes, and repair kits in addition to required other items.

6. Hiking Near Portland

Trail to Horsetail Falls in the Columbia River Gorge near Portland, Oregon
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There are several hiking opportunities that Portland provides to its adventurous tourists. Portland has the largest urban forest, which allows its adventurous tourists to try out various other sporting activities during the trails. With the best hikes near Portland that we have enlisted, you have a lot to explore during the hiking trail near Portland.


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