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10 Best Coffee Shops in Seattle

Ever heard of a holy drink? No, right? Well, now you will because Seattle has a holy drink which is coffee. Once tasted, Seattle coffee will linger in your mouth whenever you hear the word coffee.

The words Coffee and Seattle are always taken together and it is often said that coffee is synonymous with Seattle. No wonder, we have some of the best coffee shops in Seattle.

And another thing is that you never need to be in a particular mood to have coffee because here, coffee is the only mood and Seattle’s coffee culture is amazing.

1. Why Seattle?

Well, after reading the above paragraph, you must be wondering why Seattle coffee shops are so hyped up. It is because coffee was born in Seattle itself. Let us know how.

According to an old myth, a dock worker found a bag of coffee beans, roasted them, and started trading them around his town. And this is how people tasted coffee and got to know about it. During the late 60s and early 70s, coffee houses began to open all around the city, and taking advantage of the rainy season, this hot beverage became popular.

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image by analogicus, pixabay

To share their love for high-quality coffee, the three connoisseurs Gordon Bowker, Jerry Baldwin, and Zev Siegl imported a large number of coffee beans from Peete’s Coffee, California, and opened a maritime-themed cafe named Starbucks.

Yes, it is the same one that clicked right into your mind after reading Starbucks and this is also how the first Starbucks reserve was opened. The opening of Starbucks paved the way for coffee firstly all over the state and then all around the world. As we know, today we have more than one Starbucks in every city.

2. Where to Find the Best Coffee Shops in Seattle?

Honestly, it isn’t easy to choose one when you have so many bests and 3000 in total. But to make your task easier, here we have brought some of the best coffee shops from all around Seattle which you can have a look at.

2.1. Starbucks Reserve Roastery

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Located on Capitol Hill, Starbucks Reserve Roastery offers the best coffee with a great experience. As mentioned above, coffee got its way into Seattle and outside of Starbucks, which gives us the idea of the quality of the coffee sold here which attracted so many people.

2.1.1. What You Can Find Here:

Their menu is extensive and is a mix of Breakfast Sandwiches, Mochas, Espresso Drinks, Nitro Cold Brew, Black Coffee, Delicious Pastries, and Chocolate Truffles. It is the best place for coffee nerds. They operate seven days a week.

2.1.2. More About Starbucks Reserve Roastery: 

Its customers are increasing on an everyday basis and it has become the go-to cafe for coffee for people now. 

The infrastructure is amazing and gives a hint of vintage architecture. The roastery is a combination of art and coffee and is one of a kind. The environment is very thoughtfully designed and is a perfect blend of bar and cafe. It is massive to look at, a pleasure to the eyes, and gives a high-quality experience.

2.2. Zoka Coffee Roasters and Tea Company

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The Zoka coffee roasters and tea company is a coffee shop based in downtown Seattle, Washington which serves delicious coffee. It was founded in 1995 and since then, they have dedicated itself to sourcing, and brewing.

Till now, they have grown to four cafes and have been aiming to grow more and more by gaining their customers’ support. They have a specific flavor profile based on which the bean and also tea leaves are processed to bring out the perfect taste.

2.2.1. What You Can Find Here:

They have a wide variety of coffee and tea on their menu ranging from light to dark coffee. They also have decaf options and herbal tea.

In addition to selling coffee and espresso drink, they also sell their custom-made tea bags, herbs, espresso machines, and brewing equipment so that the tourists can carry them with them and would remember Zoka each time they make any drink with the help of this equipment.

2.2.2. More About Zoka Coffee Roasters and Tea Company:

In addition to sourcing, they also commit to the environment’s sustainability by using reusable materials and recycling their coffee chaff.

They work directly with the farmers and source their coffee beans and tea leaves from some of the world’s top tea and coffee-growing regions to provide the finest quality coffee. Their coffee roasting process is also managed by well-educated and skilled roasters who have great knowledge about coffee roasting.

2.3. Victrola Coffee Roasters

image by victrola coffee roasters

Opened in 1999 in Seattle, Washington, with the mission of bringing high-quality coffee to the Seattle community, Victrola coffee roasters stands as the most traditional coffee shop. Its best branch is situated on Capitol Hill. They import their coffee beans from some of the world’s top best regions such as Africa and South America.

2.3.1. What You Can Find Here:

In addition to their dine-in, they also accept orders and provide delivery services at doorsteps. Their menu includes streamlined Espresso Blends, Decaf blends, and Roaster’s Choice coffee.

They feature a subscription of three months with discounts. You may check them on their official website. Along with drinks, they also sell their utensils such as coffee mugs and modified espresso machine. Overall, it is perfect for a local coffee shop. They operate all seven days a week.

2.3.2. More About Victrola Coffee Roasters: 

One of the main reasons Victrola’s getting popular is that its neighborhood community lacked good coffee and that was when Victrola coffee made its entry as the best coffee shop as well as an ambiance for friendly meet-ups. After this, they were forced to increase their area due to heavy crowds and demand.

They also started experimenting with their drinks and since then, they are marked by innovation and their commitment to best sourcing. They have a great relationship with their farmers as well.

2.4. Coffeholic House

image by coffeeholic house

Coffeholic House is a very unique coffee shop in Seattle that serves Vietnamese coffee in two locations. Vietnamese coffee is a creative drink served by very few shops in Seattle.

It is a perfect coffee shop for studying or writing when you want a clear space and some good coffee as the place also provides the facility of Wi-Fi to its customers.

2.4.1. What You Can Find Here:

Other than their drinks and brews, their breakfast selection is also very famous. These include breakfast Burritos, Sandwiches, and Delicious Pastries.

Their specialty drinks include Coffeeholic Dream, Vietnamese Coffee, Coconut Coffee, and Siu and White-hazel Latte Art. They are a perfect blend of nut, cream, and caramel and bring out the perfect flavors in their cup. They operate seven days a week.

2.4.2. More About Coffeholic House:

They aim at conserving the environment while serving their best possible cups of coffee to the coffee snobs who could not stop themselves from drinking their coffee once they have tasted it.

They aim at bringing something new to the community which is somewhat more diverse and exclusive. Their coffee beans are ethically sourced. It is a perfect place for a serious coffee drinker.

2.5. Olympia Coffee Company

image by Olympia coffee roasting

This coffee shop has one of the best prices and you can also enjoy tasting notes. The industry is growing and evolving since the beginning. They try to provide exquisite coffee by doing innovations and have seen themselves as their better version than at any point in history.

They have relationships and communication throughout the coffee chain and these relationships help them in many ways. They have been undergoing many accomplishments since 2005 and the list continues.

2.5.1. What You Can Find Here:

Along with coffee and tea, they also sell merchandise and coffee equipment so that the customers can make Olympia-styled coffee often at their houses.

They operate seven days a week.

2.5.2. More About Olympia Coffee Company: 

Founded in 2005, Olympia coffee company was first opened as a wholesale coffee roaster. In 2007, they moved to the street and opened a small, local coffee shop, and started selling fresh, roasted coffee.

Their Columbia City branch is somewhat larger than their main branch in West Seattle which has limited seats.

Somewhere around 2010, they wanted to sell their business because of the historically high prices of coffee during that time. However, the partners Oliver and Sam had an extraordinary love for coffee because of this, even in their teenage years, they worked on their company and it has only been growing since then.

They source their coffee beans extensively from different coffee-growing regions like Columbia, Burundi, and Ethiopia.

2.6. Espresso Vivace

Screenshot 2023 02 23 144127
Source: Espressovivace on Instagram

Established in 1988, by founder David Schomer, Espresso Vivace is a specialty coffee roaster based in Seattle, Washington. They aim at preparing their cafe as a new culinary and a new world to coffee. Since 1988, they have popularized latte art and are known for their stylish design, rich and flavorful espresso, and exceptional coffee.

2.6.1. What You Can Find Here:

All the drinks such as coffee, tea, latte cappuccinos, and americanos are made with their signature espresso blend. They also feature a selection of light snacks and baked goods.

Another drink, Cafe Nico is also very famous. It is a double espresso with shots of vanilla and orange which are steamed half and half and it takes us back to the 90s with its orange twist. They do not operate on Mondays and Tuesdays.

2.6.2. More About Espresso Vivace:

They have policies to save and contribute to the environment and social ethics. They use old farming methods to save the ecosystem and maintain its functioning. All the products they use go into the green bin and are completely reusable.

2.7. Black Coffee Northwest Cafe

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Source: blackcoffeenw on Instagram

Black coffee northwest is a coffee shop dedicated to the youth. They aim at supporting the youth and meeting the needs of the community. Innovative ideas are formed and relationships are cultivated in this place.

2.7.1. What You Can Find Here:

It is a must-visit destination for coffee lovers of the Pacific Northwest. Their menu consists of Lattes, Sodas, Muffins, Bagels, Cold Brews, Mochas, and many more.

They operate six days a week and are closed on Sundays.

2.7.2. More About Black Coffee Northwest Cafe:

Black Coffee Northwest Cafe has become one of the leading specialty coffee providers in the Pacific Northwest. They also offer internships and health advice for the youth.

They also organize youth leadership programs to make them aware of different varieties of coffee and their regions. The well-trained baristas are also very knowledgeable and help out the customers by happily recommending them according to their needs and preferences.

Also, Black coffee is a certified B Corporation, which means that it meets high standards of environmental and social performance, accountability, and transparency

2.8. Uptown Espresso

Screenshot 2023 02 23 150934
Source: Uptown.espresso on Instagram

Uptown espresso was established in the 1990s in West Seattle and is counted among the office-friendly coffee shops in Seattle. It gives a relaxed and perfect atmosphere to work.

Most of their guests have become regular customers and bring their office to this place whenever they want a calm, working environment. They provide wifi and plenty of comfortable tables and outlets for making it a better workplace.

2.8.1. What You Can Find Here:

Their coffee is also very exceptional and they often showcase a velvety foam tasty drink with a thick foam layer on it. This kind of foamy drink came first-hand to its customers and became very famous. Other items include Lattes, Americanos, Pour-Overs, Snacks, Baked Goods, and Tea. They all are made with the company’s signature mix.

The company’s highly trained baristas have great knowledge about the various blends of coffee and the intricacies of espresso preparation.

2.8.2. More About Uptown Espresso:

coffee 3200073 960 720
image by Jess Bailey, pixabay

One of the key aspects of Uptown Espresso’s success is its focus on customer service. They are passionate about their craft and take pride in delivering an exceptional coffee experience to each of their customers. They operate throughout the weekdays and are closed on weekends.

The company sources its coffee beans from a variety of countries and regions, carefully selecting the best beans for each blend. Uptown Espresso is dedicated to sustainable and ethical sourcing, working directly with farmers to ensure fair wages and safe working conditions. The roasting process is a meticulous, hands-on process that results in a consistently rich and flavorful coffee.

It has become a staple in the Seattle coffee scene, known for its high-quality coffee, exceptional customer service, and its commitment to sustainability and ethical sourcing.

2.9. Hood Famous Cafe

Screenshot 2023 02 23 151337

Established in 2014, Hood Famous Cafe is a two-faced cafe and bar. During the daytime, it operates as a bakery cum cafe providing all sorts of snack items and pastries, and muffins, and as the night sets in, it transforms into a cocktail bar offering Filipino bar food.

Hood Famous is located in Chinatown-International District in Seattle and is a popular destination for coffee lovers in the city. They delicately select their beans from different regions of the world and roast them hands-on for bringing out a flavorful and rich cup of coffee.

2.9.1. What You Can Find Here:

As for the menu, they serve Breakfast, Kakanins, Sweets, Pies, and Coffee. Their signature hot and cold drinks include Pandan Latte, Ube Latte, and Calamansi Espresso Tonic. They are closed on Mondays and Tuesdays.

2.9.2. More About Hood Famous Cafe:

They are known for their welcoming and warm atmosphere and the exclusive collection of coffee. The baristas are friendly and helpful with the best knowledge about their menu. The Filipino items have a separate fan base. Along with some good food and brewed coffee, they also feature custom-made gift cards for sale.

You can also join them in their events. Several events are going on regularly. Sometimes it is a live book reading, live music, and even gatherings and workshops. Registrations are made online through their official website and they are great experiences.

2.10. Anchorhead Coffee Shop

Anchorhead Coffee 1
image by anchored coffee

Anchorhead coffee is a capitol hill cafe and bakery that has become a staple in Seattle’s coffee scene. It is situated just north of the Pike Place Market. The shop’s interior is more like Starbucks with nautical themes featuring ships, wheels, and anchors. It is a perfect combination of homemade food and coffee drinks.

They have this special facility through which the customers can sit and witness the bakery team in action while sipping on their drinks.

2.10.1. What You Can Find Here:

Their best-selling item is the Nitro Cold Brew which is a creamy blend of flavors. Seasonal drinks are also very famous along with snacks such as Cinnamon Rolls and Waffles.

Whether you’re grabbing a quick cup of coffee on your way to work or settling in for a relaxing afternoon, Anchorhead Coffee Shop is the perfect place to enjoy a delicious cup of coffee and great company.

2.10.2. More About Anchorhead Coffee Shop:

Along with great coffee and customer service, they also feature events, activities, and workshops. The customers are considered partners and they organize events where the customers can taste and give their remarks on different varieties of coffee.

Workshops and book clubs are also organized to entertain as well as educate the customers about their upcoming ideas.


A beautiful view of the city of Seattle, USA underneath the breathtaking colorful sky
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Seattle is known as the coffee capital of the USA, which is why coffee tourism is one of the top things to do when visiting Seattle. As seen above, the dedication and commitment of the coffee shop owners in Seattle towards saving the environment while providing the best cup of coffee and supporting their farmers are what make the coffee worth drinking.

With every sip of coffee, we can taste the diversity and richness of its roasting process. The beans of Seattle are only because they are imported from different regions and self-cared during their plantations.

In the end, Seattle’s coffee culture is truly very distinct, offering high-quality coffee, ingenious brewing methods, and a focus on sustainability. With its triumphant coffee scene and commitment to quality, Seattle has become a destination for coffee lovers from all over the globe and a leader in its growing coffee industry.

Whether you’re a coffee expert or simply someone looking for a great cup of coffee, Seattle is the perfect place to experience the best that the world of coffee has to offer.

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