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Which Are the 10 Best Coffee Shops in New York City?

New York City houses 8 million people, and many of them prefer to start their day with their espresso or flat white. Even throughout the day, stressed or not, New Yorkers need their daily caffeine fix. And the coffee shops in New York City manage to satiate this need for excellent coffee perfectly.

The New York City coffee shops are known for crafting some of the most delectable coffee around the world. Along with mastering the art of coffee making, they also have mastered how to give the best services to their customer’s satisfaction. They make sure that everyone who has a quick snack or a cup of coffee, would remember that taste on their taste palette and return for the same.

The décor and ambiance are also designed in a way that makes the experience better altogether. Snug and cozy, artistic and original, as well as minimalist, the coffee shops in New York City offers it all. Some cafes are even awarded for their décor. Here, we have listed the cafes we love in New York City.

1. Try the Deconstructed Lattes at the Coffee Project, East Village

This café, located in three places in New York, is mentioned in many popular magazines such as Forbes and Times Out. Their signature blend is made of a combination of imported Arabica and Robusta beans which gives the coffee its unique taste, thus making it one of the top coffee shops in New York City. They are well known for their traditional coffees but the deconstructed latte and nitro cold brews have gained a lot of audience in its favor as well.

Its décor of brick-lined walls and an interior filled with lush flowers and greens makes it a perfect place for meetings or casual hangouts. Keeping the requirements of their customers in mind, they have individual, group as well as formal seating arrangements along with mood lighting with of course, their amazing coffee.

Screenshot 95
Courtesy: Coffee Project, East Village New York City

2. Experience Hospitality at Felix Roasting Company

When it comes to this one among the coffee shops in New York City, the words we can think about would be majestic and grandiose. Felix Roasting Company is the very definition of a luxe café with its 500 tiles hand-painted mural and bespoke patterned terrazzo floor which is inspired by the aesthetic movement from the 19th century.

Its velvet-lined booths and quintessential coffee taste spectrum keep the customers coming back for more. People have a soft corner for their hickory smoked s’mores latte and espresso tonic served in a cocktail glass or high-end gold-lined crockery, another reason for them to love Felix Roasting Company over other coffee shops in New York City.

Screenshot 96
Courtesy: Felix Roasting Company 

3. Get Yourself a Farm-Fresh Coffee at Devoción

Devoción translates to devotion in Spanish, which is what the café shows when it comes to serving great coffee to its customers. It is well known that this one among the coffee shops in New York City sources coffee beans, especially from Bogota, Colombia. And then they are in-house roasted in Brooklyn to serve you the fresh coffee in the whole of NYC.

It has multiple locations across New York City. Among them, the Williamsburg branch is the most popular one, with soft, warm lighting and an exposed brick wall but it is their most loved branch, so it may be quite crowded at times. But the owners came up with a solution by opening the café at Domino park, just a 5 min walk from there, so you can grab a quick cup of their fantastic espresso.

Screenshot 97
Courtesy: Devoción

4. Cheer Yourself up at Café Grumpy

Known for its iconic Mr. grumpy logo, this coffee shop is found at many locations along at Greenpoint in New York City. People swarm this place for clicking pictures initially but return for their delicious coffee. Their coffee beans are roasted in-house since 2009, and they have successfully maintained their neighborhood coffee shop image since.

The cold brew at café grumpy is loved a bit more by the patrons, along with other varieties from its menu. This exceptional coffee is served in their signature yellow mug which adds to their share of advertisement, making them more favorite among all others.

Screenshot 98
Courtesy: Café Grumpy

5. Experience Freshness at Sey Coffee

This coffee shop, located in downtown Brooklyn, is characteristically known for its ambiance and décor. Bright, well-ventilated shops with big windows and natural light pouring in. This coffee shop is designed in a warehouse packed with fresh green potted plants, accenting the fresh vibe.

Sey coffee, among the other coffee shops in New York City, is especially known for having better micro roasters which give their quality coffee its signature taste. This coffee shop is awarded the title of one of the best coffee shops in New York City by Food and Wine, making it a neighborhood favorite.

Screenshot 99
Courtesy: Sey Café

6. Get the Best Seasonal Coffee at Stumptown Coffee Roasters

This Portland-based brand of coffee has expanded its business all over America, with numerous outlets in New York City. They are well-known and appreciated for sourcing the best coffee beans for making a good cup of high-quality coffee. They even started a campaign during the pandemic to help the farmers.

This one among the coffee shops in New York City provides packed products, whole and ground coffee beans so that one can enjoy their best coffee from the comfort of their home. They are spread out in multiple locations in NYC which make them a great local coffee shop in New York City.

Screenshot 100
Courtesy: Stumptown Coffee Roasters

7. Have Coffee at One of the Best Coffee Shops in New York City Blue Bottle

Blue Bottle is a perfect place for catching up with a friend or a romantic date spot with its minimalist décor and spacious interior. And the best thing, you can even choose to sit outside as they have availability for that as well which makes them one of the pioneers of the coffee scene in New York City.

It has multiple coffee shops in New York City as they have won the hearts of New Yorkers with its coffee, especially pour-overs. You can either spend hours here sipping on some of the best coffee in NYC or can just have a quick pick-me-up on your way to work.

Screenshot 101 1
Courtesy: Blue Bottle

8. Enjoy Exceptional Coffee with Even Better Pastries at Bakeri

This women-owned coffee shop started in 2009 at its Williamsburg location and is considered one of the best coffee shops in New York City since. This coffee shop started off as a traditional bakery making fresh baked goods and has now evolved into a full-blown café. It started another branch at Greenpoint in 2014 and customers have considered it one of the must visit coffee shops in New York City.

They are especially loved for their incredible pastries, also a local favorite. Another thing that locals love about this café is the koi pond that the Williamsburg branch has in its outdoor garden. People relish their croissant pastries with their great cup of espresso.

Screenshot 102
Courtesy: Bakeri

9. Have Flowers and Coffee at Remi’s

Remi’s coffee and flower is a well appreciated place in NYC as it amalgamates comfort and snugness. It is a place where you would find artists looking for some inspiration. As the name suggests, this coffee Remi is also a flower shop with enchanting flower arrangements to make your day more colorful in a city that is considered a concrete jungle.

The place is the essence of what you call artistic, and maintaining that essence, it has the most beautiful latte art in the whole of NYC, along with maintaining the quality equally. So when going on a date, you won’t need to be worrying about forgetting to buy flowers, Remi’s got you covered. This is what makes Remi’s one of the favorite and go-to coffee shops in New York City among many other coffee joints.

Screenshot 105
Courtesy: Remi

10. Visit La Cabra in the East Village

La Cabra means the goat in Spanish, and this café is on its way to becoming the goat among all the coffee shops in New York City. Coffee nerds consider it one of the best coffee shops in the whole of America as it has an inviting Scandi-style ambiance and great seating and lighting.

They are loved for their ethically sourced ingredients and coffee served in earthen cups, which makes them sustainable. They are also loved for their baked goods and other food items such as the famous cardamom bun and croissants. Along with a great cup of espresso, but that goes without saying. This is the reason why this café has managed to grow so quickly since the day it was established.

Screenshot 107
Courtesy: La Cabra

Because All Beautiful Things Come to an End

There are a lot more places like Black Fox Coffee Co. serving a variety of international roasts, Little Collins with its vibrant café in two locations, and many more to fit in a single list, but these were the cafes that we think would be best to kick off your journey of finding the best cup of coffee at some popular coffee shops in New York City.

Now we know why it is correctly believed that a cup of joe does solve many things brew-tifully. Hope you find this list of the best coffee shops in New York City useful make sure to try out these amazing joints on your next visit to NYC.

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