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10 Best Coffee Shops in Houston You Must Explore

Starting your day or signing off from a tiresome day with a cup of hot brewed coffee is one such activity that can boost your mood or relieve your stress. Being the 4th most populated city, Houston, Texas, is an amazing place to explore the bravo taste of coffee.

Although the temperature in Houston remains moderate, both hot and cold coffee and lattes are enjoyed by the residents and visiting individuals. You must be curious to discover the shops that offer the best coffee along with a relaxing time.

Coffee Shops in Houston

Houston is a large city that consists of many recommended coffee shops. Houston coffee shops are full of the mesmerizing aroma of coffee and other delicacies. Coffee shops in Houston include a drink menu that promises to deliver the essence of various kinds of coffee.

5 Best Coffee Shops in Houston, Texas

Traveling to Houston? Don’t forget to visit the following coffee shops to consume delicious, energizing coffee blends.

2.1 Retrospect Coffee Bar

Retrospect Coffee Bar is a charming coffee establishment in an exciting setting with lots of outside seating. An old gas station served as the foundation for the store’s construction, which was then given a green and energy-efficient makeover. People adore their commitment to environmental responsibility and how they used an abandoned petrol station to symbolize their goal.

Image Source: Retrospect Coffee Bar

Oh, and the coffee is excellent too. The coffee served at Retrospect is roasted locally and is quite good. You can choose from the more intriguing options, such as the stroopwafel latte or a traditional espresso beverage. But, if you want a pick-me-up, Johnny Cash, which consists of drip coffee with a shot of espresso added, is the beverage to order.

Visit them at 3709 La Branch St.

2.2 Campesino Coffee House

The Campesino Coffee Shop provides a one-of-a-kind Latino-bohemian ambiance that blends in well with the allure of the surrounding community. This charming and excellent coffee shop has plenty of seating, including antique furniture and an outside terrace.

Campesino originates in the El Salvadoran culinary history of the restaurant’s proprietor, Geronimo Villalobos. The specialty of the coffee shop is high-quality roasts made with locally obtained ingredients; nevertheless, they also provide a range of hot sandwiches, empanadas, and sweets.

If you want an authentic Salvadoran sandwich made with bolillo bread, give the “pan con Pollo” a try. In addition, the menu has vegetarian options, churros, banana chips, and a range of other mouthwatering sweets and savory snacks.

Screenshot 678
Image Source: Campesino Coffee House

The café will showcase a new coffee roaster from the Houston area every two months on the menu. Also, it often holds events called “Coffee and Cinema Nights.”

Visit 2602 Waugh Dr. Houston, TX 77006, to enjoy your own energizing coffee.

2.3 Boomtown Coffee Shop

Boomtown coffee shop in Houston is one of the best coffee shops that serve its customer a happy hour (or hours) with alleviating espresso and luscious foodstuff. This coffee shop has the potential to become one of the favorite coffee shops in Houston.

Their services include delivering specially brewed coffee from freshly roasted beans to your house. Streetcar- a dark blend of coffee; Beachside- a cold brew blend; Spindletop- a house blend are some of their irresistible blends. Cane sugar lattes are also one of their appetizing lattes.

Screenshot 681
Image Source: Boomtown Coffee

These days, Boomtown coffee shop is home to specialty coffee shops, including one on 19th Street and two in the Downtown area.

You’ll find chatty locals working on laptops, dependable Wi-Fi, a varied selection of cafe food products, talented baristas preparing beverages such as full-bodied espressos, milk, and honey lattes, and 12-hour cold-brewed toddy mocha.

242 W. 19TH St. Houston, TX 77008 is the address you must visit.

2.4 Agora

Not only does Agora serve excellent espresso coffee, but the space itself is beautiful and deserving of several daily or nightly visits. Agora is a classic Montrose watering hole that retains its homey atmosphere and welcomes customers of all ages and from far and wide. Most of the structure is made of wood and adorned with wooden copies of ancient artifacts.

Screenshot 676
Image source: Agora

In addition to serving gourmet coffees, exotic ales and brews, and a large variety of wines, Agora has an ambiance that is quite cozy, old-world, and aesthetically inspirational. Moreover, Agora provides a wide selection of European specialties, such as Greek yogurts and cheeses. Their menu is exciting and delicious.

Agora coffee shop gives its customer the opportunity to reconnect with their esteemed selves and take an essential break from their hectic routine. They promise to serve an outstanding coffee blend that is tranquilizing. In this locally created establishment, which is a part coffee shop, a bar, and a dispensary, you may choose the buzz that best suits your needs.

1712 Westheimer Rd, Houston, TX 77098, is your best coffee destination.

NOTE: This coffee shop was honored with the “Best Coffee House” title by the Houston Press.

2.5 Sunday Press

Sunday Press is a coffee shop that can be the one-stop-shop category. Sunday Press is a pleasant place. It is a café open all day with a drive-through for those who want to enjoy nutritious food on the move.

Screenshot 683
Image Source: Sunday Press

Overnight oats, Frittata Bites, breakfast sandwiches, acai bowls, a wide variety of bread alternatives, and cold-pressed juices may be found on the morning menu. Salads, sandwiches, spaghetti, and various kinds of sweet baked goods are foods appropriate for later in the day. You may also choose from a variety of coffee beverages and other specialty drinks to complement your meal if you like.

Traditionally associated with breakfast, eggs are nearly always included in breakfast tacos. In addition to eggs, you may top them with any combo of bacon, sausage, cheese, and Cuisine items such as beans, avocado, and salsa. You can enjoy the best chai latte, drip coffee, and breakfast tacos at one of the best coffee shops.

Enjoy your meal and coffee at 3315 Ella Blvd, Houston, TX 77018.

2.6 Giant Leap Coffee House

Grab your perfect cup of coffee at the cozy nook of Giant Leap Coffee House. It is the favorite coffee shop of people living in Houston’s east end.

One of Giant’s signature drinks is the Black Sesame Latte, made with toasted sesame seeds from Osaka, Japan. Lattes, Chai Tea Lattes, pumpkin spice lattes, and Cappuccinos are some of the standard options for their hot drinks, and they also provide a variety of seasonal lattes.

Screenshot 685
Image Source: Giant Leap Coffee

Giant leap coffee shop is a commendable eado cafe crowded by citizens and travelers. Want to hang out with your loved ones, including coffee?

Visit 1135 Uptown Park Blvd, Houston, TX 77056.

2.7 Catalina Coffee

Another famous shop, Catalina Coffee Shop, is known for serving horchata iced latte. The cuisine at Catalina is considerably superior then the coffee, but this does not mean that the coffee is subpar in any way; on the contrary, it is excellent.

Screenshot 689
Image Source: Catalina Coffeeshop

Their coffee is good, but there are other places to visit that are superior if coffee is the only thing you care about. Despite this, the latte offered is delicious, and the ordinary filter coffee is likewise of good quality.

You should bring your family and friends with you when you go to 2201 Washington Avenue.

2.8 Blendin Coffee Club

BlendIn Coffee Club is a café, roastery, and training center with the exclusive mission of delivering the highest quality coffee experience possible. They aim to increase the number of people who like coffee by providing high-quality drinks, an attractive coffee culture, outstanding customer service, and easily accessible educational opportunities.

Screenshot 688
Image Source: Blendin Coffee Club

Around ten distinct single-source coffees from across the globe are roasted here, and they offer them all. Every single cup of coffee can be tracked all the way down to the nation, region, farm, and even lot that it came from. They like visiting the places of origin of coffee in search of exceptional coffee.

They are recognized for actively working with coffee farmers to deliver coveted coffees from award-winning farms to the Houston region.

To explore the other savory pastries, visit 8410 Highway 90A, Bldg B Sugar Land, TX 77478.

2.9 Black Hole Coffee House

Black Hole Coffee House is a sister shop to Antidote. It offers an extensive menu consisting of captivating coffee, wine, beer, and tea for rejuvenation and energizing.

Black Hole is a more subdued space ideal for concentrated work or learning. The outdoor seating area is full of students from nearby St. Thomas University enjoying their delicious breakfast croissants with a hot or cold brew of great coffee.

Screenshot 694
Image Source: Black Hole Coffee House

If you’re seeking to do some work while avoiding the crowded coffee houses at the various café chains, you’ll want to put this location at the top of your list of potential destinations.

The Black Hole Café has plenty of electrical outlets for computer use and offers just the proper quantity of food, all of which is prepared in-house in their kitchen, to keep you going strong.

Visit 4504 Graustark St., Houston, TX 77006, to grab quality time.

2.10 Xela Coffee Roasters

Since its establishment in 2014, Xela Coffee Roasters has steadily advanced to the position of a highly regarded coffee company in the Houston area. Each cup of coffee is subjected to meticulous roasting, evaluation, and brewing processes to extract the most incredible amount of taste from the beans.

Screenshot 692
Image Source: Xela Roasters

Xela Coffee shop provides their customers with highly delicious coffee and their own designed clothing and tempting tea bottles. The coffee and tea are stored in long, slim bottles, so taking them on a long journey is easy. One of the customer reviews notes that their holiday special almond nog flat white, along with the “oat milk,” is out of this world.

Their popular drinks include Flat White, Cortado, and Mint Mocha.

Visit 4409 Canal St Houston, TX 77011 Second Ward to enjoy a peaceful environment and tasty coffee blends.


A person, only after tasting, knows which coffee has worked wonders for them. A great coffee can lead to an elevation of your mood, help you relax, and benefit your health in numerous ways as well. You can choose to explore each and every shop mentioned above to avail the best coffee along with some other drinks and food items. Also, don’t forget to suggest some of the other best coffee places that you have had a chance to visit.


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