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10 Best Coffee Shops in Charlotte NC

Coffee is a beverage that suits every occasion. These are the best coffee shops in Charlotte!

Coffee is a beverage that suits every occasion. You can go on a date and order a coffee or while meeting up with friends, a cup of coffee can freshen you up and make you feel lively

Charlotte NC has the best coffee shops and some amazing coffee shops that you must check out on your visit there!

These coffee shops not only provide amazing coffee but also have their own, original, and unique stories for you to listen to.

Coffee Shops in Charlotte NC

Check out these amazing coffee shops in Charlotte NC, which not only offer good coffee, but a great ambiance too. 

1. The Hobbyist coffee

Espresso at The Hobbyist

The Hobbyist coffee shop, located in Charlotte’s Villa Heights neighborhood just outside of NoDa, serves handcrafted, beverages, beer, and wine and is considered to be one of Charlotte’s best coffee shops!

This coffee shop in Charlotte NC has over twenty draught beers on tap, a fully stocked bottle store with frozen/bottled beverages to take or enjoy in-store, craft beer, and champagne by the glass!

They include local North Carolina craftsmen who provide pastries, baked goods, fantastic coffee, crema espresso bar, desserts, and other grab-and-go culinary items.

Bryson & Julie Woodside are the owners of this beautiful coffee shop. This coffee shop in Charlotte can be considered to be one of the best coffee shops in Charlotte NC!

The Hobbyist has a neighborhood feel to it and an ambiance that is ideal for working remotely, having breakfast and coffee in the mornings, stopping by for an art gallery, a cold one or a bottle of wine in the late hours, or lingering for a few hours with friends.

They feature an all-encompassing coffee shop with unique drinks. They provide an extensive draught menu as well as alcohol by the glass, container, and mimosas/spritzers.

They offer an entire bottle shop where you may find an assortment of beer or wine that you can consume in their area or take home with you.

They have weekly coffee, craft beer, and wine promotions, local events, and live music every Friday!

They are committed to giving Charlotte a new perspective on merging some of their favorite things in one location.

Stop by and visit them soon enough!

(a) Coffee Menu

Their coffee menu contains the classics like latte, and americano, as well as new buzzing drinks like the nitro cold brew and the peppermint tea!

(b) Wine List

Their wine list consists of natural wines of mimosa, cherry wine, spoken west chardonnay, and grigio.

2. Queen City Grounds

Queen City Grounds coffee shop
Photo on Queen City Grounds

Queen City Grounds is of the amazing coffee shops in Charlotte with three different branches. They serve their caffeine and “stay grounded”.

(a) Espresso Drinks and Drip Coffee

Queen City Grounds have several drip coffees available in their espresso section. Along with that, they also have, americano, cappuccino, latte, and cortado.

(b) Beer

In this fantastic coffee shop, their beer and seltzer section, they have, pinknetic and a Toast of Charlotte.

(c) Tea

In this section, they have golden chai latte, black, green, and herbal.

3. Not Just Coffee

10 best coffee shops in Charlotte
Photo on Not Just Coffee

Miracle & James Yoder founded Not Just Coffee a coffee shop in Charlotte in 2011, promising intentionality and enthusiasm for each sip and each consumer.

They are happy to collaborate with their neighbors at Homeland Creamery as well as with their sister firm, Night Swim, to provide delectable drinks crafted with meticulous precision and care.

On the way back from Chapel Hill and its amazing restaurants, you can find Not Just Coffee in your path and have a nice cup of refreshing coffee that tastes like heaven and makes you feel refreshed and alive!

Not Just Coffee believes in the skilled craftsmanship of an experienced barista as much as the technologically advanced machinery of their ever-growing business, and offers a wide range of brewing options, from pour-overs to perfectly crafted espresso beverages.

Their baristas present the dynamic, living art of caffeine to consumers in vibrant color through cuppings, workshops, and participatory brewing.

(a) Food Menu

They have several delicious items on their food menu like biscuits, breakfast, yogurt, sugar toast, and toasted marshmallow.

(b) Coffee Menu

Under their coffee menu, they offer several coffee selections of items like espresso drinks, cold brews, nitro brews, matcha lattes, and hot chocolate.

4. Smelly Cat Roasts

Smelly Cat coffee
Photo on Smelly Cat

Smelly Cat is a cozy coffee shop that has been a fixture in the NoDa community for decades.

They brew their own responsibly cultivated coffee and other crafts with single provenance and blends in season. From the seed to the cup, their coffee is healthy for you and your soul.

They provide other beverages and coffee, but they also feature a breakfast menu with classic, craft coffee, brewed coffees, south end, homemade buttermilk cookies, other baked goods, and snacks, as well as a cocktail menu with both iced and hot alcohol and a cold-brewed beverage tap list.

(a) Organic Tea by Rishi

This section of their menu contains black, green, herbal, white, and latte.

(b) Espresso Drinks

The Espresso section contains latte, cappuccino, americano, red eye, dirty chai, cortado, and Cuban.

(c) Cold Brew

The cold brew contains Ethiopian. Lorna and the Vietnamese brews!

(d) Additional Beverages

Their additional beverages include frappes, shakes seasonal lattes, and chai. All of these are delicious beverages that will make your day brighter and better.

5. Coco and the Director

Coco and the Director
Photo on CocoandtheDirector

A Charlotte, NC neighborhood coffee shop and retail shop that encourages neighborhood artisans and goods that are produced locally while proudly showcasing the finest of Charlotte.

Coco and the Director is a hip co-lab and an informal gathering space for local artists and business owners to interact and exchange ideas.

Fantastic locally sourced beans, roasted beans, homemade loaves of bread and pastries, on-the-go meals, and more.

Not everybody is a morning individual, but they are all coffee drinkers.

They coax excellent flavor out of their beans and assist them in living up to the highest standards from crop to cup as one of the finest houses in Charlotte, NC.

They believe that if one is willing to do something, one should do it correctly and with their full heart.

Whatever you intend to do, envision them as a source of caffeine, inspiration, and, of course, free wifi.

(a) Coffee Drink

They have drip coffee, and caffeinated drinks available!

(b) Espresso Drinks

In this section, they have americano, latte, flat white, french press, and mocha!

(c) Full-leaf Organic Teas

Here, they have various organic teas available like English Breakfast, early gray, china green, and chamomile!

(d) Green Brother’s Smoothies

They have various delicious smoothies available as well like Ms. Coco and Pitaya Pick Me Up!

6. Julia’s Cafe and Books

Julias cafe
Photo on Juliascafe

Julia’s Café & Books exists to assist the community not only through coffee and books, but also through sponsoring Habitat for Humanity of the Charlotte Region’s objective of constructing houses, communities, and hope in their area.

By selling locally sourced organic coffee, food, and used books.

Julia’s Café & Books, as well as their clients, play an important role in addressing the shortage of affordable housing from Pineville to Statesville.

Magnolia Coffee Co. is their proud supplier of craft-roasted coffee beans too.

The quality is unrivaled, and the fact that it is roasted locally in Charlotte assures that the purest grounds are accessible for every cup.

Julia’s menu includes pastries central coffee, snacks, salads, and sandwiches.

The available alternatives fluctuate throughout the year because they are all created using the greatest local, seasonal, and organic ingredients.

Make sure to swing by (frequently) and see what’s on the menu today!

(a) Drinks Menu

They have many drinks, especially caffeinated drinks, considering they are a coffee shop, first and foremost, some of them being Fresh-brewed coffee, Barista-crafted espresso beverages, Nitro coffee, Iced coffee, Assorted hot teas, Iced tea, Smoothies, Frappes, and Hot chocolate.

(b) Breakfast and Lunch

They have a great price for meals! They provide you with filling meals and a happy tummy! Some of their dishes are Bacon, egg & cheese (with a bagel or croissant), Sausage, egg & cheese (with a bagel or croissant), Spinach, egg & cheese, egg salad sandwich, and pimento cheese sandwich.

(c) Books

If your books are causing your shelves to sag, or if they accumulating dust in bag or storage space, you may donate them to Julia’s to help construct and repair houses via Habitat Charlotte Region!

They take any good-condition books (no dictionaries or periodicals).

They accept various forms of media, including VHS cassettes, movies on DVD, vinyl records, video games, and more!

Aside from enjoying excellent coffee and consuming out-of-this-world food, sponsoring book drive is the most straightforward way to support Julia’s work.

It couldn’t be simpler: they supply all of the stuff, and the only thing the host has to do is supply venue and spread the news.

Books can also be used to create dwellings!

7. Undercurrent Coffee

undercurrent coffee
Photo on Undercurrentcoffee

They’ve liked cozy coffee shops for nearly as long as they’ve known it.

This beverage, as well as the locations and individuals who created it, colored their daily lives for decades.

The coffee places they visited frequently had a distinctive method of infusing a familiar sort of comfort into their daily grind, and it’s the same respite they’d like to provide to their neighbors.

An outdoor seating area to sit and unwind, to meet and debate, to taste and discover.

They’re extremely proud of their community and the relationships they have formed through Undercurrent, which is why they are happy to serve you.

They express gratitude to their neighbors. Undercurrent Coffee aims to never cease learning.

They invite persons of any level of expertise to take advantage of the numerous educational possibilities available within their four walls at their lab, which is also home to the Specialty Coffee Association Premier Training Campus.

They enjoy local produce, advocate for sustainable practices, and promote a healthy and enjoyable lifestyle for those around them.

Their carefully sourced, seasonally shifting cuisine highlights the greatest tastes of the Southeastern and beyond.

(a) Coffee and Tea

Their coffee and tea menu consists of various items like Drip Coffee, Pour Over Coffees, Cold Brew, Espresso, Cortado, Cappuccino, Lattes, Chai Latte, Golden Milk Latte, Matcha Latte, Loose Leaf Tea, House-Made Sodas, and Seasonal Craft Beverages.

(b) Breakfast

Their breakfast menu is one of the best coffee shop menus one has ever seen! It consists of yogurt parfait, cinnamon, and honey oats, a sandwich, and a quiche.

(c) Toast

Their toasts are served crispy and hot, and paired with their coffee, you are sure to get an amazing, warm, and crunchy day ahead of you! Some of their toasts are, avocado toast and peanut butter & banana toast!

8. Amelie’s French Bakery and Cafe

Amelie's Coffee shop
Photo on Amelies

In 2008, they opened the gates to their first café in the NoDa district of East Charlotte, celebrating the fall that French cooking brings the senses and sensitivities.

From the recipes they develop to the locations they curate, they have gone about every decision with meaning, purpose, and whimsy.

Theirs should be an environment of community, warmth, and nutrition. They now have three Charlotte, North Carolina sites and one in the town of Rock Hill, South Carolina.

Each patisserie has a unique personality and aura, which is organically impacted by the community it serves.

Amélie gladly supports charities and organizations that help disadvantaged and underserved people raise their voices.

Their brilliant workers are a one-of-a-kind combination, just like their recipes, which include a diverse range of ingredients and flavors.

They love their lively and open workplace, in which they ensure that their staff knows they can be themselves at work every day.

(a) Seasonal Pastries

Their seasonal pastries consist of spinach Danish, lemon poppyseed muffin, tiramisu torte, banana muffin, and lemon bar.

(b) Morning Delight

The morning delight section has amazing items like cinnamon french toast, oat milk, and yogurt.

(c) Sandwiches

They have tasty sandwiches which make you forget the world! Some of their specialties are Monte Cristo sandwiches, Pesto wrap, and Cheddar salad.

(d) Soups and Salads

Their soups are famous for being so rich and creamy that it feels like heaven! Some of their famous soups are Spinach asparagus leak and minestrone.

(e) Coffee and Teas

Of course, being a coffee house, they are best known for their coffees and teas! They serve coffee, white mocha, americano, cafe mocha, cafe latte, and iced coffee.

9. Waterbean Coffee

Waterbean Coffee
Photo on Waterbean

Waterbean Coffee was founded in the winter of 2013 in Cornelius, North Carolina, and is a must-visit!

Tony Vo, the entrepreneur, and his spouse Annie were talking about how an excellent cup of coffee required just the perfect combination of water and espresso beans to provide the finest flavor.

Waterbean Coffee was born from a simple chat. Waterbean Coffee was the very first specialty coffee store in the Lake Norman area to provide their clients with French Press, spill-over, Aeropress, & more than 5 distinct espresso single origin or blend options.

Each of their retail locations is distinctively designed. They set a high standard by establishing their second site just a few months following their first.

This business in Huntersville, North Carolina is around 4000 square feet in size and remains their largest location.

They quickly became the fastest-growing local coffee business and the only one with a global presence in Da Nang, Vietnam.

They currently have 14 shops, a separate roastery, plus a distribution center that serves all of their outlets. Waterbean Coffee constantly strives to be unique and never follows trends.

In an era when the majority of coffee houses are focused on getting clients in and out as quickly as possible, they strive to provide a place for people to unwind hold conferences, go over coursework, or simply hang out with companions.

They wish to be beyond simply being another coffee shop. Their founder’s international background adds a unique dimension to the area that few others have.

This is apparent in everything from their food offerings to their retail designs. They have different and unique coffee blends like Columbia, Love Organically, Blossom Espresso, Eternity Espresso, and Decaf Eclipse.

(a) Coffee 

Their coffee menu consists of various items like lattes, frappes, mochas, Espresso, and macchiato.

(b) Tea

Their tea menu consists of chai latte, sweet tea, nitro Thai chai, and loose-leaf tea.

(c) Non-coffee

Their non-coffee beverages are for anyone looking for a delicious, non-caffeinated beverage but wanting the ambiance of a coffee shop. Their menu contains vegan fruit smoothies, milk tea, green tea frappe, hot chocolate, and chocolate milk.

10. Mac Tabby Cat Cafe

Mac Tabby Cat Cafe
Photo on MacTaby

Lori’s passion and love have been cats for more than forty years, dating back to her youth. Their space has been split! Cat Lounge meets Coffeehouse!

They have adoptable cats in this cafe in Charlotte NC! So for all the cat lovers out there, this place is a must-visit!

Come hang out whenever you want! caffeine, beverages, cold-brewed beverages, wine, local craft beers, ales, ciders, prosecco, drinks, baked goods, and more are available in their bar.

Work, mingle, or unwind in one of the beanbag, sofa, or bar seating sections. Pick up a current, local bread item and a tasty beverage while you’re here!

Their Downtown Concord facility is on the first floor and conveniently accessible to everyone! Their Charlotte site is located on the second level of an old structure in NoDa.

There is single stairwell access, which includes 22 steps. If someone in your party has difficulty mounting the stairway, they recommend visiting the Concord location instead!

(a) Coffee

(b) Smoothies

Their smoothie menu contains several healthy smoothies like Mr. Joe, green hornet, healthy as Hale, and AB&J.

(c) Wine and other Beverages

Besides coffee and cats, they serve wine and other beverages too! Their menu contains beers, ciders, seltzers, chardonnay, pinot, mimosas, and cabernet.

Take Away

With the rise of coffee shops everywhere, the above-mentioned coffee shops in Charlotte NC are to bring you joy and comfort for sure!

The love with which they prepare their coffees will sweep even you off your feet!

You can either play with cats in the cat cafe or chill with your friends in the south end all the while enjoying delicious coffee!

So, the next time you are in Charlotte, make sure to visit these cafes and have a soul-changing experience!

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