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10 Best Coffee Shops in Boston

The heavy amount of cream in your coffee can feel good only if it is from the City of Boston. Since the historic Boston Tea Party, when the locals of Boston threw British tea into Boston harbor, the former became a coffee-drinking nation.

Fresh coffee beans are imported directly from the Caribbean, so people get the best and premium quality coffee.

Coffee shops in Boston often serve as meeting points for people. They are very cozy and comfortable for short meet-ups or even brunches.

1. About Boston

Officially known as the City of Boston, Boston is the state capital and the 24th most populous city in England. It is also often called the cultural and financial center of England.

Boston, Massachusetts, USA historic skyline at dusk.
By: sepavone/Depositphotos

It is one of the oldest municipalities in America, founded in 1630 by the Puritan settlers of some English town. During the American Revolution, the city experienced many historical events, like the Boston Massacre, the Boston Tea Party, and the Battle of Bunker Hill.

Even after the American war of independence, this city continued its growth through municipal annexation and brought many new concepts into this world. Its significant contributions include opening the first state school, the first public library, the first subway system, etc.

2. Best Coffee Shops in Boston

Here are some of the best coffee shops in Boston that one must try once in their lifetime.

2.1. George Howell Coffee

When talking about coffee shops in Boston, George Howell Coffee indeed takes the limelight. Founded by George Howell, an American entrepreneur, George Howell Coffee is situated in Massachusetts, Boston.

It is a high-end coffee retailing shop that was owned by Starbucks in 1994 and formed a connection for its expansion in the Boston area.

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image by George Howell coffee

The public stall of George Howell Coffee is situated at the Boston public market entrance. It is the largest coffee shop in the market and they aim to educate people about nutrition. Its upscale location at the Godfrey Hotel in downtown Boston is an espresso bar, European-style offering quick-service espresso drinks.

2.1.1. What You Must Try Here: 

Some of their best-selling coffees include Alchemy Espresso drinks, Daterra Espresso, Dota Vienna, Pulcal medium, etc. You can also check its specialties or recommendations which change on a day-to-day basis on its official website.

They also have custom-made coffees for special occasions such as Valentine’s special or Halloween special. 

2.1.2. More About George Howell Coffee:

Its primary focus is to provide the best available coffee and serve them of the highest quality to the public. Their signature coffee acknowledges their farmers’ craftsmanship and their region’s cultural influence. They highly support their farmers and share great relationships with them.

image by George Howell coffee

To support the farmers, they have a direct export policy through which the coffee beans are directly exported from the farms, providing more incentives to the farmers. They often state that they don’t have relationships with their farmers, they have partnerships with them.

2.2. 1369 Coffee House

Opened in 1993, the 1369 coffee house is situated in Cambridge’s Inman Square, Cambridge Street, and is one of the best coffee shops in Boston.

Screenshot 2023 02 22 165051

2.2.1. What You Must Try Here: 

Their specialty drinks include Nitro Cold Brew Iced Coffee, Hot Cider, Macha, Iced Coffee, and London Fog. They also have some special tea drinks. Some of them are Homemade Chai and Iced Tea.

They also feature online bookings and home delivery. You can check their menu for special offers.

2.2.2. More About 1369 Coffee House:

They aim to become more than just a coffee shop or cafe and provide people with a comfortable environment to discuss personal as well as public matters. By doing so, they want to become an essential part of society.

It has been home to many business deals and marriages and has won many awards and accolades. They want to make their visitors feel at home whenever they visit. The friendly staff and the outside view are also amazing and it is also the only cafe with such great experiences in the whole street.

2.3. Ogawa Coffee

Located in downtown Boston, Ogawa coffee is a must-visit for coffee lovers in Boston. With its premium quality coffee and welcoming atmosphere, it’s a perfect combination for casual meet-ups, dates, or even for those who want a clear cozy cafe to write.

It is not much bigger in space, however a compact and tiny coffee shop with an adoring interior. But there is also an outside seating area which can be a perfect place for studying or catching up with friends.

Screenshot 2023 02 22 165543

2.3.1. What You Must Try Here: 

They serve Espresso Drinks, Seasonal Coffee Beans, and most importantly some tasty coffee drinks. Their best seller is the Japan Kyoto Retail coffee. You may explore more on their menu by going to their official website.

2.3.2. More About Ogawa Coffee:

The great coffee beans of this particular foundation are imported directly from Kyoto, Japan. Its exclusiveness lies in its beautiful interior which is modern, minimal, and inviting most soothingly.

It gives a feel of Japanese culture because the artisans are actually from Japan. Their aim lies in serving the best possible coffee to its people which makes it a must-try coffee destination.

2.4. Kohi Coffee Company

Kohi Coffee Company is a specialty coffee shop situated in Boston, United States. You can find a wide variety of coffee options here including espresso beverages and cold brews. Snack items such as light breakfast sandwiches are also available.

The interior of this cafe is also warm and cozy. They also host events and workshops which help their customers know more about them.

Screenshot 2023 02 22 165817

2.4.1. What You Must Try Here: 

Their best sellers include a Frothy Latte, Cappuccinos, and Cold Brew. They also take online orders on their official website. Whether you are a locale or a visitor, you must visit Kohi Company if you’re a coffee lover.

2.4.2. More About Kohi Coffee Company:

The commitment to sustainability policy of Kohi Company is what sets them apart from other Boston coffee shops in Boston. Another thing is that this company uses biodegradable materials for its packaging and environment-friendly farming methods. Such methods make it a hotspot for tourists from around the world.

The staff is also well-trained and friendly. They have proper knowledge about their menu and flavor profiles. This helps them to understand the customer’s needs and recommend exactly what they look for.

2.5. 3 Little Figs

Screenshot 2023 02 23 003629

Perfect for an afternoon weekend visit, 3 Little Figs cafe is known for its warm and welcoming atmosphere and its high-quality coffee, beverages, delicious pastries, and other snack items. But, the spotlight is stolen by its finely brewed coffee whose beans are exported from all over the world and perfectly roasted to bring out its unique flavors.

2.5.1. What You Must Try Here: 

Their best-sellers include Cappuccino, Latte, Raspberry Pitaya, and Espresso Soda. Also, they do not accept online orders and their opening hours must be checked once before visiting.

2.5.2. More About 3 Little Figs:

Everything here is fresh with freshly-sourced ingredients. They also use an eco-friendly policy and have also implemented energy-saving incentives such as reduced use of lighting and reducing its overall footprint.

They use biodegradable materials in their packaging to contribute to the development of a sustainable environment for all.

2.6. Curio Coffee & Wine

Screenshot 2023 02 23 004628
Source: Curio coffee on Instagram

Curio coffee and wine is a unique bar that combines the concept of coffee and wine into one single organization. It allows its visitors to enjoy both coffee and wine with a wide variety of options available.

2.6.1. Coffee:

Curio imports its coffee beans from all over the world to provide its customers with the best cup of coffee. The coffee beans are perfectly roasted and the drinks are topped with ideally whipped cream, making it a perfect stop for your morning coffee for starting the day or providing an afternoon pick-me-up.

2.6.2. Wine:

Wine is also made from selected vineyards from all over the world to provide the best quality wine. They have a huge range of wines made with perfection to cater to the customer’s preferences. They include wines from light and crisp whites to bold and full-bodied reds.

2.6.3. What You Must Try Here: 

Try their legendary Liege waffles and the cream cheese-topped everything waffle, which are ranked as the best in the state. Although the inside is fluffy like a muffin, the liege waffle’s pearl sugar garnish gives the outside a crispy texture. And you must try their drip coffee as well.

2.6.4. More About Curio Coffee & Wine:

The perk of offering both coffee and wine under the same roof results in happy and permanent customers because the ones who get their morning coffee from here, usually stick by to have a sip or two of wine in the afternoon.

This is also because Curio coffee is the only bar with such experience in the area and this is what makes it different from other traditional coffee shops. The interior is very warm and inviting with a chic and modern atmosphere. It is a good bar for special occasions. The staff is also friendly which helps create a memorable experience.

2.7. Gracenote Coffee

Screenshot 2023 02 23 005644
Source: Instagram Gracenoteboston

Gracenote coffee is a premium coffee brand that takes pride in its commitment to quality and sustainability. It is known for its friendly hospitality and its genius taste for the exquisite roast of drip coffee. They also have a stunning live-edge wine bar with stylish equipment.

One of the unique things about Gracenote coffee roasters is its sourcing process. They work directly with their farmers from all over the world and get direct imports from them for secure materials. They trust their farmers just like their partners.

2.7.1. What You Must Try Here: 

They serve Nitro Cold Brews, Espresso Drinks, and also drinking vessels and filters. Customers can always enjoy this downtown Boston cafe whether they are coffee aficionados or just trying to look for something new.

2.7.2. More About Gracenote Coffee:

The company works with a commitment to sustainability which means they have an eco-friendly way for packaging of their products and they also take initiatives in making investments for the betterment of coffee beans farms and regions.

They also conduct events and workshops to provide their customers with a deeper understanding of coffee, its different varieties, and its regions. They are fun workshops with lots of activities and also provide knowledge of the coffee-making process.

2.8. Nine Bar Espresso

Nine bar espresso coffee shop Boston is a local cafe tucked in the Davis Sq. Somerville nearby Simon’s Coffee Shop on Porter Square. It is dedicated to providing its customers with high-class espresso drinks and coffee beverages with a local roaster.

IMG 8104 edit
image by nine-bar espresso

2.8.1. What You Must Try Here: 

It is a grab-and-go-to shop and is very convenient for working people who just want to grab a cup of espresso or black coffee on their way to work. They sell Loose-Leaf Teas, Lattes, Americanos, and Baked Goods along with espresso.

It is a regular stop for the locals. One must try it out once in Boston as it gives the flavors of its traditions with every sip of coffee.

2.8.2. More About Nine Bar Espresso:

It takes pride in serving its espressos made with traditional methods and making it the best. The traditional method used by Nine bar brings out the natural flavors of the beans. Its roasters are very well trained and equipped with using the technology and skills correctly to create a perfect roast of beans.

2.9. Jaho Coffee Roaster and Wine Bar

Screenshot 2023 02 23 012540
Source: Jahocoffee on Instagram

Jaho Coffee Roaster and Wine Bar is a downtown coffee shop in Boston, with a picturesque interior. It was founded in the 2000s and has declared itself a leader in the coffee and wine industry.

The cafe is huge and also has several branches at the North Shore, the South End, and also in Back Bay. They have a very comfortable seating area and a welcoming atmosphere.

2.9.1. What You Must Try Here: 

The coffee menu is wide and is perfectly paired with the cafe’s wine menu which makes a perfect combination. They also feature Teas, Pastries, and other Baked Goods to accompany their coffee. They have their coffee beans and wine for sale as well.

Whether a cup of latte or a glass of wine, you will get the best of both here. Whether you’re a coffee connoisseur or a wine aficionado, Jaho is sure to exceed your expectations.

2.9.2. More About Jaho Coffee Roaster and Wine Bar:

To them, coffee selling is not just a business but a journey with beautiful experiences and pictures shared by their customers. They aim to make their customers happy and satisfied by providing the best possible cup of coffee or latte.

They source their coffee beans directly from farmers who use ethical methods and environmental-friendly materials such as biodegradable coffee cups and compostable food packaging in their company.

2.10. Thinking Cup

Established in 2005, Thinking cup is an exclusive coffee shop in Boston that serves Stumptown coffee and Third Wave Coffee.

coffee shops in boston
image from thinking cups 

Thinking Cup is located near the Commons, and also has two other branches in Boston on Hanover Street in the North End and the other one in Newbury Street in the Back Bay.

2.10.1. What You Must Try Here: 

Their signature drinks include Vanilla Ginger Latte, Honey Cinnamon Latte, and Hazelnut Latte. They also have a variety of sandwiches consisting of Classic Turkey, Roasted Chicken, and Jimmy the Greek.

They serve some morning snacks as well including Iced Carrot Cake, Chocolate Cakes, and several Tea Varieties. In addition to these, they also offer their merch for sale.

2.10.2. More About Thinking Cup:

Their policies include: providing a cozy and comfortable environment for the enjoyment of its customers, creating high-end specialty drinks in the Greater Boston area, and offering superb service from their baristas for the knowledge of their guests about coffee and its flavors.

It has become a leading organization, known for its high-quality coffee and welcoming atmosphere. It has also been featured in several magazines such as The New York Times, Food & Wine, and USA Today for being the “best coffee in the world.”

In the End

Whenever the two words, Boston and coffee, are spoken in the same sentence, it is a very serious matter. Because this city takes its coffee very seriously, and the coffee shops in Boston are aimed directly at providing its people with the best coffee possible.

The rich and diverse culture of coffee with a variety of coffee shops to suit everyone’s taste and preferences is all one needs to become a coffee lover from a non-coffee drinker. Boston offers you your life’s best coffee, which will make you fall head over heels for it.

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image by Ogawa coffee

The great thing about coffee shops in Boston is that they don’t offer much junk. All the items they serve work as a healthy menu, and you do not have to worry about your health.

The cafe’s commitment to sustainability gives an aura of respect for them. Also, they have some unique items on their menu that taste as mouth-watering as they look. Regardless of your favorite coffee, Boston is a city that is sure to offer an exceptional coffee experience.

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