10 Best Coffee Shops Colorado Springs 10 Best Coffee Shops Colorado Springs

10 Best Coffee Shops Colorado Springs – Hidden Gems

Coffee Shops Colorado Springs is where you can enjoy breakfast with your cup of coffee. Here are 10 best coffee shops you must try.

If you’re a coffee lover, here are some of the top coffee shops in Colorado Springs. This city is the coffee destination of unique and charming coffee shops. These shops offer delicious drinks, a cosy atmosphere, and friendly vibes. So here are some of the 10 best coffee shops Colorado Springs.

Coffee Shops Colorado Springs is where you can enjoy breakfast with your cup of coffee. Coffee is the stress buster after a long work day and looking for a cozy coffee spot. There is no other place like the coffee shops Colorado Springs to enjoy a great cup of coffee.

It’s a great place for meeting new people and enjoying a cup of coffee. It is a place where visitors and locals alike can get together over a shared passion for coffee and connect. So if you’re in the mood for a classic cappuccino or a bold cold brew. These local coffee shops will satisfy your craving for good coffee. Below is the list of coffee shops Colorado Springs that will delight your taste buds and inspire you.

Whether you want to work, hang out with friends, or date, a local coffee shop is a good place. The area has dozens of restaurants, and new ones open yearly, making choosing one difficult. However, the Springs offers a variety of delicious food options all around the city for anyone fortunate enough to spend time there.

10 Best Coffee Shops Colorado Springs

For coffee lovers, tea drinkers, and anyone who loves café culture, Colorado Springs has the place to get their fix of freshly brewed tea and coffee. Residents and visitors in Colorado Springs are being urged to overlook the generic national chains of coffee shops and cafes and check out the local establishments. Find out what’s pouring at Colorado Springs’ favourite coffee shops.

Here are 10 coffee shops Colorado Springs where you can enjoy a cappuccino, chai latte, or caramel latte in a cozy environment. Enjoy a fresh cup of coffee at one of these local coffee shops and stay energized all day (and night). You don’t have to be an evil mermaid to enjoy your coffee. Get to know your local café connoisseurs instead.

There are some of the best coffee shops in the city’s heart for those seeking a good cup of coffee. Coffee houses and cafes are located throughout downtown Colorado Springs, so everyone can find something to enjoy. There is nothing better than nestling into a comfy couch for conversation or meditation, whether you’re performing, meeting a colleague, or having a remote meeting. You can visit cafes or local coffee shops Colorado Springs. Just scroll down and check out!

1. The Perk Downtown, Colorado Springs

Local coffee shop can also be reached from The Perk in downtown Colorado Springs. One of the city’s oldest coffee businesses is found in Colorado Springs. Where you can enjoy your Happy Hours daily and burst out of your Monday Stress by having a special Mocha Monday’s.

Perk downtown is among the best coffee shops Colorado springs. Where you can Monday Happy hours in the evening time. Have a drink at a special price every day, like Mocha Monday’s, Double Stamp Tuesday, 20 OZ of LUV, Brown Sugar Latte, and Frappe Fridays, and a Monday with your friends.

People-watching is at its best at The Perk Downtown Colorado springs, an anchor among established cafes in the heart of downtown. Visit Purple Mountain Roaster just a few blocks away and enjoy a cup of freshly roasted coffee made from beans just a few blocks away. Their baristas are often sent to Seattle or beyond for additional training since they take their expertise seriously. Try the Buzzer paired with a local pastry if you want something double the caffeine.

Address- 14 S Tejon ST. Colorado Springs, CO

2. Loyal coffee- Cozy Coffee Shop

Loyal Coffee
Image from the official website of Loyal Coffee

If you’re busy during the day, you’ll appreciate taking time for yourself at Loyal Coffee. This best coffee shop offers a wide range of flavors tailored to suit all types of coffee drinkers in Colorado Springs due to the passion of its team for creating the brew with creativity and precision. This coffee shop has become increasingly popular, leading to more branches being opened.

Colorado Springs coffee shops operate as a multi-barista cooperative with a community-first philosophy. There are a few coffee roasters and espresso pull-around that are as good as this one. Loyal coffee quickly gained a reputation for supporting fellow artisans and entrepreneurs since opening its doors in 2016. Its tasty toasts have made Loyal popular beyond coffee and community: bacon and egg, avocado and egg, ricotta and apple, and honey with heart.

Address: 408 S Nevada Ave, Colorado Springs, CO 80903, United States

3. Wild Goose Meeting House

Numerous neighbourhood events and get-togethers are held at the Wild Goose Meeting House. It combines a traditional cafe with a bar, opening it all day. Guests can enjoy breakfast and brunch every morning with their coffee. In night, The Wild Goose changes things up by offer beer and wine.

A conventional lunch and supper menu is offered, along with a selection of salads and sandwiches. Many events at The Wild Goose Meeting House bring entertainment, education, and fun to the community, including literary, musical, film, and art lectures. These coffee shops Colorado springs also include karaoke, trivia, and open mic night.

Two happy hours are held at the meeting house daily – one for coffee and one for cocktails. During the mornings and evenings, the meeting house gets quite busy. Wild Goose Meeting House offers more than just grab-and-go options and can be called out a social hotspot.

Address: 401 N Tejon St, Colorado Springs, CO 80903, United States

4. Switchback Coffee Roasters

Switchback coffee roaster, coffee shops colorado springs
Image from Switchback coffee roaster site

Just east of downtown Colorado Springs, Switchback Coffee Roasters has two locations – Shook’s Run Café and Hillside Café. Switchback Coffee Roasters offers a fresh, hip hideout with mismatched frames, funky furniture, and the white walls. 

Whether you’re brewing at home or looking for ethically sourced, high-quality beans, you can get them from the roaster. Make sure you ask for some latte art and try the Breakfast Sandwich and a Latte!

Visitors can learn more about coffee cultivation by visiting the shop next door to see the roasters at work. Dedicated to supporting the Colorado Springs community, all the coffee beans are sourced locally.

Granola, toast, tacos, and Buddha bowls are all common items on the menu for breakfast and lunch. All customers are welcome, and the facility offers gluten-free and vegan options like gluten-free pastries for those with allergies.


  • Shook’s Run Café: 330 North Institute, Colorado Springs, CO 80903
  • Hillside Café: 909 East Moreno Avenue, Colorado Springs, CO 80903

5. Yellow Mountain Tea House

If you prefer to get your caffeine from tea, don’t miss the Yellow Mountain Tea House. One of the cosiest coffee shop. The menu features more than 300 types of Chinese tea. The most distinctive mixtures include Milky Way Chai, Stress Relief, loose-leaf tea, and sweet tea brewed from Chinese Blackberry bush.

Guests can order tea to go or stay for a full experience tea service at Yellow Mountain Tea House. This coffee tea house offers more than just beverages; a family-based menu of traditional Chinese foods is also available.

Isn’t it delightful to hear the name “Yellow Mountain Tea House” again? This little piece of heaven offers just as much peace as its name suggests. A traditional Chinese tea room inspires everything here, the most extraordinary tea shops in Colorado Springs. 

Chinese wisdom guides the owners when creating blends and offering recommendations for visitors interested in learning more about tea. Whether it’s the beautiful interior or dim sum and another Chinese fare, even coffee addicts will enjoy this special experience. 

Address- 2616 W Colorado Ave, Colorado Springs

6. STIR Coffee

STIR Coffee & Cocktails in Northern Downtown Colorado Springs offers various menus throughout the day. As part of the breakfast menu, fresh coffee beans are roasted and served with traditional breakfast items. Sandwiches at STIR are some of the best in the Springs during lunch hour.

This coffee shop transforms into a bar in the evenings. Many drinks on the cocktail menu are literary-themed, and the bartenders create drinks based on famous books. Tequila Mockingbird, Gin in Wonderland, Sangria Island, The Lion The Witch, The Vodka, and Dorian Black are a few examples of signature drinks.

You can find comfort food items, the best coffee, and libations at the café. They offer an indoor space that’s perfect for a cozy date in the winter and an outdoor area that’s perfect for soaking up the summer sun.

Address- 2330 North Wahsatch Avenue, Colorado Springs, CO 80907

7. Story Coffee Company

Story Coffee is one of the top coffee businesses in Colorado Springs and the first Tiny House Coffee Shop in the world. It’s the perfect place to get an authentic feel for downtown living since it’s located on the edge of Acacia Park.

Although they serve pastries from a local bakery, their only in-house product is coffee, which they do very well. Our favourite coffee in town is their Latte made with Oat Milk. You can sit inside or stroll around downtown Colorado Springs while you drink it.

A tiny house is the setting for the cosy Story Coffee Company, which is often described as the “cosiest coffee shops Colorado Springs.”. Although the establishment may be tiny, its menu could be better.

We make our own coffee and source our pastries from local Colorado Springs bakeries. Even though the shop is small, there are a few seats inside to keep customers warm during the cold weather.

Address: 120 E Bijou St, Colorado Springs, CO 80903

8. Wayfinder Coffee

A trip to the Wayfinder Coffee Co. is a must if you’re looking for the best collection of coffee beans. Coffee from this best coffee shop is brewed from quality beans worldwide, thanks to two women who love traveling. Great beers are inspired by several nations in Europe and South America. Customers love the Spiced Road coffee and huge croissants in particular.

A favourite among menu items is Wayfinder’s giant croissant, along with fresh pastries every day. There is a unique local vibe at the Wayfinder Coffee Company makes it the local favourite coffee shops Colorado Springs. In addition, the shop’s quiet atmosphere makes it easy for customers to relax without the crowds.

Travelers find this cosy coffee shop, where tapas and tapas are served, to be a home away from home. You will find something to soothe your road-worn spirit at whatever time your wanderings take you there. 

Coffee roasters by Wayfinder Coffee are some of the best in Colorado city, along with local pastry lovers’ favorites. In addition, the versatile spot offers happy hour prices on wine afternoons, making it a great spot to enjoy a snack and wine.

Address: 6140 Austin Bluffs Pkwy, Colorado Springs, CO 80923

9. Jives Coffee Lounge

30 in 30 Jives Coffee Lounge, Old Colorado City, CO

Jives Coffee Lounge is a chill spot of coffee shops Colorado Springs. The place is perfect for coffee and music lovers! Music is always displayed at their café; many baristas play instruments themselves. The motto of Jives Coffee Lounge is “Coffee, Music, Life,” making their live music the perfect setting for relaxation and rejuvenation.

You will have the opportunity to experience featured artists previews and themed events while enjoying lyric-loving locals. Explore Old Colorado City Bancroft Park, one of Colorado Springs’ most charming neighbourhoods, when you are in artists’ quarter. A spicy mocha or a black sea mocha are both great options.

A wide selection of hot and cold drinks is served throughout the day, including the hot spicy mocha, White Tiger mocha, chai latte, and fresh smoothies. Jives Coffee Lounge offers bagel sandwiches and pastries for those with a sweet tooth. It is guaranteed that Jives will make visiting Colorado Springs unforgettable for you.

Address: 16 Colbrunn Court, Colorado Springs, CO 80904

10. The Principal’s Office

The Principal’s Office is located in a now-defunct elementary school from the turn of the 20th century that is a component of the Bristol Brewery and the Old School Bakery.

Guests are not required to cause trouble to get sent to the principal’s office. Using a unique interior design, this coffee shops Colorado Springs boasts a cosy and welcoming atmosphere.

You can learn to discern beans from different regions by tasting estate coffee when it comes to more coffee. You can order The Cure at Ivy Wild Kitchen, which is a breakfast sandwich served on freshly baked English muffins topped with eggs, bacon, cheddar cheese, chipotle mayo, and avocado toast.

1604 South Cascade Avenue, Colorado Springs, CO 80905


Above are the best coffee shops Colorado springs where you can enjoy your cup of coffee and relax. But if you want to try casual hangout places, visit Urban Steam, carnelian coffee, Good Neighbours Meeting House, Kairos Coffee House, and many more. These cafes offer baked goods with the view of memorial park.

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