Cold brew coffee being poured in a cup Cold brew coffee being poured in a cup

10 Best Coffee Shops in Ann Arbor

Ann Arbor, Michigan, is known for many things but its best-kept secret is the amazing coffee shops it harbors.

With coffee culture on the rise, these coffee shops in Ann Arbor will satiate your desire for great coffee.

You can find a range of independent coffee shops in Ann Arbor that use hand brewing methods and their very coffee beans which are roasted to perfection.

10 Best Coffee shops in Ann Arbor

1. RoosRoast Coffee

A cup of RoosRoast coffee shops ann arbor
Photo on RoosRoast

RoosRoast Coffee is a legit life, art, and culinary project. It is one of the few locally owned coffee shops in Ann arbor Michigan stadium.

It began with John Roos’ brains and personality, but it is now all of us – you reading these words, the wonderful people who work there, and all the coffee shops in Ann Arbor and producers, and every amusing encounter they have over a cup of coffee.

They have got different grinds like whole bean, drip, pour-over coffees, lavender honey latte, french press, and espresso drinks.

They have different coffee blends like Lobster Butter Lover, Badass Women Blend, Rich French Neighbor, Portland in the 90s, Roos machine, and A-A Cowboy.

With great coffee, this coffee bar also sells beautiful gifts and apparel. They have their coffee shops in multiple locations, so you can find them in different parts of Ann Arbor, Michigan. It is a major spot to visit in Charleston. They have outdoor seating in a convenient spot.

2. Zingerman’s Coffee Company

A cup of coffee
Photo on Zingerman’s Coffee Bar

They serve coffee in their Coffee Bar in Ann Arbor, which is located on Zingerman’s Southside Producers Row.

They have a huge selection of coffee and tea amongst which, their espresso royale made with freshly roasted beans is a crowd favorite.

They have different coffees for different seasons! So no matter when you visit Zingerman’s coffee company, your taste buds will be satisfied and content.

3. Drip House Coffee Shop 

A cup of coffee
Photo on Drip House Coffee

Drip House Coffee is dedicated to offering the greatest experience possible—every time—served up in a really pleasant and nonjudgmental setting, with fresh coffee brought to the store weekly.

Located near downtown ann arbor and farmer’s market, this joint is one of the popular local businesses.

You’ll always find a home there, whether you’re stressed out from school and need a peaceful place to rest or you’re just searching for a chill area away from the buzz.

Drip House Coffee, as the name suggests specializes in drip coffee, which is one of the local favorites.

Tasty, organic, and vegan-friendly sweets and delicacies from your neighborhood favorites, paired with some truly incredible coffee. Whether it’s your first or hundredth cup, there’s always a seat here at your very own Drip House Coffee Shop in Ann Arbor.

4. The Common Cup

Entrance of the Common Cup coffee shop.
Photo on commoncupcoffee

 The Common Cup is a University Lutheran Chapel ministry. The purpose of the concept discussions leading up to its debut in 2007 was to create a venue that could be open to the public seven days a week.

They will continue this because of ULC’s vision. It is a historic building and now being used to serve coffee to college students is a matter of great pride for the founders of ULC.

The Common Cup coffee shop is one of the best places for students to come, sit and finish their assignments.

The peaceful environment of the cafe combined with the helpful workers and baristas only adds to the quality of the cafe.

Their menu contains coffee like drip coffee, pour Over coffee, café au Lait, comet coffee, espresso drinks, red Eye, americano, cappuccino, latte art, and mocha.

This coffee shop is in a nice location for college students; in the heart of this college town, where they can finish their lectures and easily reach the coffee shop for snacks, refreshments, and a great cup of coffee.

Watching other students read and study would motivate you to also complete unfinished work. Paired with their amazing coffee and sterling service, you’ll finish in no time!

5. 19 Drips Coffee Shop

19 drips coffee cups
Photo on 19 drips Instagram

The 19 Drips coffee beans are bought from CarmoCoffees, who produce their coffee beans with utmost love, care, and compassion. They have different varieties of beans like Yellow Bourbon and Geisha.

The interior of the shop has a rustic yet quiet vibe and is loaded with fascinating wall decor. They have a few pastry options to choose from, but I’m certain that they sell out quickly!

The combo of the honeycomb pastry and the infamous Chai Latte is to die for!

The Chai Latte has a smooth flavor which has both, a calming effect on your mind and deliciousness. You could very well end up drinking the entire jug!

The honeycomb pastry is known for its deliciousness. The honey poured on top adds that extra spice.

Their coffee beans are QRobusta Graded and therefore of great quality. Some of their popular coffees include iced latte, flat white, iced coffee, and white coffee.

Many of the reviews of the 19 Drip Coffee shop in Ann Arbor let us know that the location of the cafe is very near to colleges, which makes it easily accessible for students.

They have the brunch option as well. They have a dine-in and takeaway option. Their timings are 8 am to 5 pm and closed on Mondays. So after having a tough Monday morning, on Tuesday you can visit the 19 drips coffee shop and refresh yourself!

6. Hyperion Coffee

Hyperion Coffee
Photo on hyperioncoffee

Hyperion Coffee is a coffee shop in Ann Arbor, which primarily makes and sells its coffee beans. They enjoy brewing coffee since it’s a good challenge and a great morning ritual.

Making this very same coffee taste different depending on your brew device, formula, or technique is what they believe is an interesting experience!

They use several techniques to brew their perfect coffee.

(a) Hario V60 Pour Over

The V60 provides complete control over your brew as well as a refined cup.

One of the most enjoyable aspects of this process is that you can taste subtle variances from brew to brew when using different recipes.

This is a lovely way to prepare coffee and a lovely morning ritual to drink coffee.

(b) Chemex 8 Cup

The Chemex coffee brewer is a fantastic pour-over method, especially if you’re serving more than one person.

The Chemex serves as both a brewer and a server, and a Chemex filter has a bigger filter that absorbs more oils and sediment, resulting in a clean and defined cup.

(c) Aeropress

The reversed Aeropress produces a robust cup of coffee that can be prepared fast and diluted down to taste.

It is simple to make and clean, and it normally serves one person.

Their site has many videos and recipes for you to prepare your coffee just like you would have in a coffee shop in Ann Arbor.

7. Black Diesel Coffee

Black diesel cafe
Photo by blackdieselcafe

Black Diesel Coffee is identified as an independent coffee shop that serves amazing locally brewed coffees, loose-leaf teas, and other specialty beverages and snacks.

They’re well-known for their high-quality coffee, student-friendly timings, and in-house roasting.

Most importantly, they are a friendly group of individuals who adore coffee and tea. You can make reservations for your place as well. They also have the options of pick-up and take-away.

They have a variety of coffees and specialty drinks that any coffee lover would be lucky to try. Their coffee bar ranges from Brewed Coffee, Latte, American, comet coffee, Cafe Au Lait, Sweetwaters coffee, literati coffee, Frappe, Cappuccino, con Miel, Con Panna, Cortado, Affogato, Macchiato, Mocha, Red eye, cold brew, and Cubano.

They also serve a variety of delectable snacks like Bagels, breakfast burritos, chocolate croissants, yogurt, granola parfait, cinnamon roll, donut, scones, crepes, oatmeal, muffin, and waffles. They have the options of lunch and dessert as well.

8. Bitty & Beau’s Cafe

Bitty and Beaus' staff
Photo on Bitty and Beau’s Instagram

Bitty & Beau’s is more than just a coffee shop – it’s a sensory experience in the Ann Arbor farmer’s market.

Also known as a human rights movement disguised as a coffee shop, Bitty, and Beau’s coffee shop brings joy and change to the world.

Besides running a successful business and employing over 300 plus employees, Bitty and Beau’s coffee shop also run a successful Youtube channel with over 900 subscribers!

The shops are run and owned by people with disabilities, and the vibe is fantastic – come see for yourself in the ann arbor area.

Their shop is wheelchair accessible. More than 80% of their staff has intellectual or developmental disabilities.

You can have amazing coffee while looking at and learning from people who defy social norms and empower themselves.

9. Cahoots Coffee Cafe

Cahoots cafe
Photo on Cahootscafe

Cahoots Café offers both takeout and indoor seating. They also offer plenty of outdoor seating.

Equipped with vertex coffee roasters, they serve baked goods and street coffee; Espresso, Latte, Cappuccino, Cortado, and Cortadito. They proudly serve RoosRoast coffee in the ann arbor area.

Their seasonal menu includes amazing coffees like 5 spice latte, Arbor frog, peppermint mocha, peppermint hot chocolate, brown bear, fig and cardamon latte, mocha, and cafe miel.

The Cahoots Cafe Ann Arbor is a part of the Cahoots community. Cahoots is a one-of-a-kind inspiring tech hub dedicated to assisting the members and the community is thriving.

10. The Songbird Cafe

Purple latter art by Songbird cafe
Photo by Songbirdcafe

The Songbird lab Cafe is a cozy eatery serving espresso drinks, soups, sandwiches, and baked goods.

This cafe also has a big brew board and their baristas are qualified by the bd barista school.

With a good one-cup coffee, they serve amazing food items and snacks.

They have a tasting room as well.

(a) Avocado Spread 

(lemon, sunflower seeds, red pepper flakes, garlic), roasted red peppers, provolone, and fried egg cooked in-house. Served on a brioche bun. Served with baked potatoes.

(b) Waffles in Belgium

Seasonal flavors that change, served with maple syrup and fresh berries, and dusted with cocoa powder and brown sugar.

(c) Omelet Bulgogi Parmesan

Omelet with three eggs, Barbeque grilled bulgogi, shaved parmesan, and bell peppers. Served with homemade fries.

(d) Toast with Avocado

Avocado spread on multigrain bread (lemon, sunflower seeds, red pepper flakes, garlic). 
On the side, there are egg and tomato slices.

(e) Breakfast Sandwich in Phoenix

On a brioche bun, with house-made smoked paprika aioli, bacon, cheddar, provolone, brown sugar, caramelized onions, and a fried egg. Served with homemade fries.

The Last Word

Ann Arbor is filled with amazing family-owned coffee shops with specialty drinks like honey lattes, video game tables, and board games.

The locally owned coffee shops in Ann Arbor have a local roaster, coffee tea, Turkish coffee, and eclectic decor that will woo your mind and soul.

Coffee shops in Ann Arbor will not only refresh and relax you but also help you realize the significance of the small things in life.

Be it looking at college students finishing their assignments in the peace and calm of the coffee shops in Ann Arbor or watching workers with disabilities overcome the constraints put upon them by society, you will understand the true meaning of life.

The series of zero-waste cafés and shops that make their espresso royale and latte art at coffee shops in Ann Arbor Coffee will not disappoint you. If anything, you will go on a journey to find yourself, which will satisfy your taste buds and soul at the same time.

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