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10 Best Cardio for Weight Loss

Isn’t weight loss the ultimate goal for a lot of you out there scrolling through YouTube videos promising 10 days of magical weight loss tricks? But let’s face the reality, nothing compares to the results that an effective workout plan along with a personalized diet plan can deliver. The best cardio for weight loss is what works for you and not what is followed by celebrities or maybe your best friend.

Firstly, let’s understand the concept of calories and how they fluctuate in people’s weight range, and of course, how can the issue be dealt with. Remember pouring that extra chocolate sauce on your pancakes in the morning or loading your salad with high-calorie dressing?

All of it is going to contribute to nothing but your calories and the concept of weight loss is based on a simple theory of burning more calories than your average intake is.

1. What is a Cardio Workout?

To lose weight, it is integral to indulge yourself in some or other form of physical activity but aerobic exercise, i.e., cardiovascular workout has been scientifically proven to be most effective in burning fat in a lesser amount of time.

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How does it do it? That’s basic – It ensures that a large group of muscles is working for a particular period, which further elevates the heart rate beyond its maximum level and hence leaves you burning calories with an added advantage of better cardiovascular health.

If you are confused about what type of exercise you should opt for, here is a competitive list of the 10 most effective ways to lose weight and help you burn more fat using the different forms of cardio and maintain a healthy weight.

2. 10 Best Cardio for Weight Loss

2.1. Walking

Yes, you heard it right. Walk your calories out of that body and you will see the changes yourself. It is amongst the most ignored and underestimated ways to foster calorie burn without scoring your muscles.

This low-intensity cardio is a miracle for those under a medical condition or for those who may just hate to breathe heavily. However, it is possible to increase the impact by increasing the speed or time, which makes it one of the best cardio for weight loss.

2.1.1. How to Walk It out The Right Way?

Is a 30-minute walk sufficient? Well, the most appropriate walk is the one that suits best your body and works best for your fitness goal.

However, brisk walking is recommended for anyone who is physically fit for the purpose. Brisk walking for an average of 30 minutes a day helps you lose weight, strengthens your legs, and does not forget about the mental peace it comes along with.

It can be as simple as walking while talking to your dearest friend to walking for at least 30 minutes with those earphones in the soothing morning air.

2.2. Cycling

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Remember cycling with your friends during those lovely childhood days? Wasn’t it easy to cycle for hours without even getting tired?

However, now it seems to be a tedious task to anyone because the comfort of luxurious cars has greatly impacted everyone’s travel choices. If you are also one of those who have joined gyms but left because of commitment issues or maybe because it was not what you enjoy, Cycling would be the finest option for you when looking for the best cardio for weight loss.

Not only is cycling a great way to burn fat but also one of the forms of cardio that can help you lose weight quicker. According to reports, an average person can burn more than 300 calories per hour with moderate cycling.

What are you waiting for? Ditch those fancy gyms that are not working out for you and hop onto that cycle, feel the air, relive your childhood, and burn calories of course.

2.3. Jumping Rope

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Torturing those calories becomes way easier when no one is watching, doesn’t it? Let’s talk about this. So, you have got just 15 minutes out of your work routine to give to your workouts. It is not feasible to go to a gym or for cycling outside. But the article has got you covered.

The best cardio for weight loss that does not even require you to leave your room is here on the list. All you need is a jumping rope. Grab it and jump as fast as you can (don’t forget to breathe).

Another perk of this way to burn fat is that it has got numerous benefits than you could imagine. Firstly, it is not going to burn a hole in your pocket for sure and it not only prevents weight gain but also helps you with your coordination.

2.4. Dancing

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If you are a dancer, then get back on the floor. If dancing was your favorite hobby since childhood, you need to inculcate it into your routine, change it to your workout routine and make it the best way to burn fat. Calories burned with every move will not only aid your weight loss journey but also release all your stress.

Dancing has been considered a great way to involve aerobic exercises into your routine without bothering your body a lot. It is even considered one of the major forms of cardio.

Several gyms and health clubs have now been promoting dance sessions amongst people who wish to be fit and lose weight without regular boring exercises. However, it is not necessary to spend those precious dollars on this cardio workout, you can choose to dance your way out in your room as well. So, again an option to go pocket-friendly here.

And of course, not just weight loss, dancing can help you build muscle strength. And building lean muscle mass can help you burn more calories and get toned.

2.5. HIIT

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HITT can make you feel half your weight in just 20 minutes. This high-intensity interval training not just is the best way to burn calories but also helps you with fat loss and targeted muscle gain.

Again, the fascinating part is no investment because it does not necessarily require any equipment. However, you might wish to opt for a kettlebell or something else that fits your requirements.

HIIT is known to burn the highest number of calories but putting you at more work in a lesser amount of time increases your heart rate and elevates the number of calories burned as well.

The best part is yet to come. It is not necessary to get involved in traditional cardio which a lot of people dislike doing. So, you can choose between a high-impact and a low-impact workout according to your needs.

It is difficult when you live on the second floor and bothering your first-floor neighbors might impact your every day smiling at each other’s routine. Low-impact workouts are highly recommended in such cases.

So, whatever fat it may be, HIIT is one of the best ways to lose fat. A HIIT workout can easily be surfed on YouTube, however, getting a personal trainer is totally up to what the body requires.

2.6. Burpees

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Burpees are the best cardio for weight loss, which helps to elevate your fitness goals. This is one of the exercises that combines a squat, a thrust, and a squat jump, perhaps a pushup too. Therefore, you have got it all in just one type of cardio.

There are numerous ways to do a burpee. Whatever you choose, it puts your body into a steady state of high-intensity cardio, which indulges all your major muscle groups including shoulders, chest, abs, quads, inner thighs, butt, and triceps, making it one of the best cardio for weight loss.

Coming down to the main aim of burning fat and aiding the process of weight loss. Burpees surge the heart rate to the maximum level, which in turn helps to torture those calories and build muscle at the same time.

Burpees have got this bad image amongst beginners because it requires a lot of movement but one thing needs to be said out loud anything which seems to be beyond your body’s capability and might injure or harm you should not be performed at any cost. However, the journey of weight loss essentially requires you to get out of that comfort zone and train those muscle groups and burn that extra fat.

2.6.1. How to Do a Burpee?

How To Burpee | Nuffield Health

Doing something for the sake of it might not render you the full benefit of the same. Knowing the right way to perform a burpee is therefore imperative to get the best out of it. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Stand straight with feet around shoulder-width apart.
  2. Squat – Bend your knees, push your hip back, and lower the body.
  3. Put your hands in between your feet on the floor and shift all your body weight on them.
  4. Jump on your feet back forming a plank position.
  5. Jump back to where your feet were earlier and stand straight with your arms overhead.

And that’s all you need. You can increase the difficulty level by including a pushup or maybe increasing the no. of reps. On the contrary, if you are a beginner and want to take it slow, try avoiding the jumps and moving gently on your feet.

2.7. Running

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Let’s be honest, everyone has forgotten how to run and win a race. All the zest to come first is somewhere lost in those childhood days. There is a need that everyone to bring it back to their lives. Running is a preferable form of cardio and has been proven as an effective way to burn fat.

Beginners can start with a nice jog and achieve their goal by pushing their boundaries a little more every time. Neither does it require equipment nor monetary investments. This makes it a definite choice for anyone looking for the best cardio for weight loss.

The best thing is you can burn calories according to your energy levels. It is possible to increase the intensity by running faster. Hence, don’t forget to count this one in the list of best cardio for weight loss

One thing to be kept in mind while running is to stay hydrated at all times, which will not only rehydrate your body but also take a part in your stomach so that you don’t binge on everything kept in the kitchen.

2.8. Swimming

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Swimming is the best cardio for weight loss. The data reveals that an average person can burn up to 400 calories within one hour of moderate swimming and that is approximately equal to your breakfast. Isn’t it commendable?

The density of water is 800 times that of air, which compels the whole body to work against the water resistance with immense force. Swimming works wonders for your core, arms, glutes, hips, and shoulders. Therefore, swimming not only helps in fat loss but also helps in building lean muscles. These muscles enhance your metabolism, resulting in burning even more calories.

In Layman’s language, Swimming involves the whole body and makes the upper body, and lower body. It also does core work to overcome water resistance, which is quite not the case in jogging and walking and helps in defining muscles and burning fat at a higher rate.

All in all, this exercise helps in accomplishing the goal, acquiring the skill, losing weight, and becoming fit. Thereby, it can be called one of the best cardio for weight loss.

2.9. Stairclimbing

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Walk, run, climb, or maybe crawl through those stairs in your house. It burns an average of 350-400 calories per hour for an average individual with moderate speed.

It is low-impact cardio for weight loss which enhances muscle endurance as well as the strength of your legs. This might make hiking or walking a much easier task for you.

No investments are made in this exercise, only if you are using the stairs at your place. However, there are stair climbers set up in the gyms if you need that vibe to work out every time making it the best cardio for weight loss, especially for people who love their personal space.

As you get comfortable climbing those stairs, don’t hesitate to take the next step. Try your hands on stair lunges, stair pushups, or maybe stepping up your climbing game with varied paces.

2.10. Kickboxing

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This form of martial art involves punching, kicking, and footwork. Kickboxing is an aerobic exercise that can help you to lose weight and is a great way to build muscles.

It is quite evident from the studies that elite kickboxers have higher muscle mass and lower body fat percentage, which is quite the dream for a lot of people out there.

Studies show that an average individual can burn up to 350 calories within just 30 minutes of kickboxing. Not only is this a great way to burn fat, but also helps you kick out your aggression. Hence, making it the best way to lose weight and an optimal choice for those looking for the best cardio for weight loss.

There are no investments apart from your time and consistency. Therefore, no reason to procrastinate on your first day. Kick and punch to let that anger out while it burns those extra calories on the way.

3. What Types of Cardio Are the Most Effective?

So, there is a confession to be made right here, no cardio is the most efficacious. There is nothing like the best cardio for weight loss. Fat loss is not a one-day struggle. Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day. Likewise, strong commitments are a mandatory requirement for losing weight.

Better results in lesser time might be possible but not always a healthy choice and often lead to unsustainable weight loss and even result in several health problems.

Consistent workouts are even more functional when combined with a calorie deficit. No workout routine is fruitful unless you mind what is going on that plate in front of you.

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It usually happens that even after completing those promised 10,000 steps every day, keeping a steps tracker in your hand, and having no extra donuts for a long time doesn’t help the person in losing weight. Therefore, a person is required to do a lot more to keep a balance between the requirements of the body and the requirement to lose weight.

4. Frequently Asked Questions

4.1. What Type of Cardio Burns Fat the Most?

The activity that burns the most calories per hour is running. Swimming, walking, and stationary bicycling are other fantastic possibilities. HIIT workouts are excellent for calorie burning.

4.2. How Much Cardio Should I Do to Burn 1000 Calories Each Day?

Run for around 70 minutes or 7 miles to burn off 1,000 calories. This, however, requires that you can keep the same speed for the entire 7 kilometers. It will take you longer to burn 1,000 calories if your speed slows down in the slightest.

4.3. Can Cardio Cause Facial Ageing?

Intense exercise can cause a fat loss on the face and throughout the body. One of the primary reasons why exercising makes you seem older, especially for those over the age of 35, is the consequent loss in facial volume and fat.

The Footnote

This brings to an end, but there are many other types of cardio and different workouts as well that you can opt to aid your fat loss journey. The best cardio for weight loss is the one that goes well with your body, and your mental health and increases your self-confidence.

It is important thing to remember that what works for your friend or colleague might not be the right one for you. Hence, losing hope after trying is not what you should be doing. Instead, try out different types and understand what your body needs and works well with.

The most important thing to remember is that no form of cardio can help you lose weight if you don’t keep a check on your diet. A calorie deficit is a key to weight loss and nothing can make the fact less significant. Therefore, watch out for what you put into your mouth after your workouts and try certain no carbs snacks as well.

Combine all of this with one of the types or maybe a mixture of all the best cardio for weight loss stated above to get the best possible outcome. Remember to not push yourself too hard nor let yourself rest in your comfort zone for too long. Consistency and progress go hand in hand with time.

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