10 Amazing Things To Do In Big Sky Mt: You Must Not Miss

things to do in Big Sky Mt
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Big Sky, Montana, is a heaven for adventure freaks. It will offer you numerous things to do in Big Sky Mt. It has some epic ski trips and the best mountain gateways covered in snow. Though these adventures are common, most people only know Big Sky Montana for this thing. But, the Big Sky is the best summer destination. You can engage yourself in tons of things to do in the Big Sky, Montana. However, some may say it is best to visit the place in its season. But, if you plan to visit Big Sky in the off-season, you will realize it was worth the time. The Big Sky Mountain village offers a different fun cycle this year-round time.

In Southwest Montana, Big Sky is the biggest destination for adventure lovers. You can enjoy horseback riding to the Gallatin River; you will learn more about the state. Adventures like iconic white water and neck-craning waterfalls. And glacial hiking trails are some of the activities you can enjoy in Big Sky Montana. Along with this, there is also the infamous skiing for which Big Sky is so famous.

This place is also home to some of the best ski resorts in the entire country. Not only this, but this place gives you the opportunity for the Biggest Skiing in America. In summer, the snow melts so that you can have safe biking. If you feel the landscape is not huge enough for your kick, you can go to Yellowstone National Park, just an hour’s distance from the south. The total landscape and Yellowstone adventures make Big Sky an excellent place for basecamp in the summer.

Things To Do In Big Sky Mt

People, especially those who have visited Big Sky in the summer season, didn’t want to leave. It is sure that if you spend your summer vacation in Big Sky Montana, you will not want to leave. But, if you can’t come back here to this place, you can also enjoy a road trip to Montana. This road trip will cover the areas of Yellowstone National Park, and Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

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Also, the natives of this place say that if you love this place in the summer season itself, which is the off-season of this place, then you will definitely come back in the season time, which is the winter season. This place is so beautiful, and so many amazing things to do that no other place can overtake the place of Big Sky Montana in your heart.

Let us know why people are so crazy about visiting this place frequently and what amazing things you can do in Big Sky.

1. Horseback Riding At Big Sky

This place with horseback riding is perfect for people who love to explore areas in close-up. Riding on a horse back in Big Sky is the best way to engage yourself in Big Sky Montana. Even if you prefer to take a short tour down the guided trail rides along the rugged Montana backcountry, horseback riding is the best thing you can do. Several outfitters offer year-round horseback riding in the winter season, making it a special activity in Big Sky.

The Lone Mountain Ranch is also an addition to its place for over a century now. The Jakes Horses are also an option for you to ride the horses. Hiring time ranges from one hour’s drive to a full day trip. Furthermore, a horse-drawn sleigh ride is a perfect choice if you want memorable things to do in Big Sky, especially in the winter. Most tourist loves to take a ride on a horse sleigh. You can get the sleigh rides from the Lone Mountain Ranch and 320 Guest Ranch. They offer their sleighs in both afternoon and evening time. You can take some hot chocolate, popcorn, and warm cookies to complete the trip.

2. Ski At Big Sky Resort

This activity is the most wanted activity by everyone visiting this place. Skiing in this place is the only thing which more than half of the tourists visit this place. The Big Sky is centered around Lone Peak, covering more than 5,800 acres of land. Due to its vast landscape and perfect fitting for skiing, this resort earns its reputation. This resort is known to be the best resort in Big Sky, Montana.

The most attractive part of this resort is that the Big Sky resort accumulates more than 400 inches of snow each year. It provides powder stashes galore. Thousands of skiers come in the winter season to enjoy the snow.

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Besides enjoying the snow, you can take up the signature ride up the mountain on Ramcharger 8. In this activity, eight-person lifts the heated sears and weatherproof bubble. There are even other fun activities that you can enjoy. The Loan Peak Tram is another wonderful skiing that you will enjoy. In this skiing Dooplemayr lift transports 15 skiers simultaneously to the top of Lone Peak. This Loen Peak is at an elevation of 11,166 feet.

Now when you are at the summit, you can choose to take a black-diamond route that goes down the mountain. However, if you are just interested in a 360-degree view, you can take a quick ride back down.

3. Hiking Trails At Big Sky Montana

The Upland Trail, Ousel Falls Trail, and Beehive Basin Trail are a few popular hiking trails in Big Sky resort. When you sit to choose activities, you will get confused. There are dozens of activities, each with their unique, fun things. However, the trail rides are available all around the year. So, you can experience them anytime you want, and also it is accessible from the town.

In the Ousel Falls trail, the path runs parallel to the Gallatin River and also features a footbridge in some spots. This trail is only 1.6 miles long, and you can enjoy this round trip with your family. However, the high alpine Montana elevation will give you a hard time maintaining your energy.

When hiking on these trails in the winter season, it is crucial that you get dressed warmly. Since the high elevation of this place drops the temperature, so, if you don’t dress properly, it will be very difficult. You should always wear wool socks, and it would be best if you wear winter hiking boots.

Also, keeping a pair of crampons in your bag pack is a very good thing to carry during your hiking trails. When going for hiking trails, snowshoeing is also the best thing that you can do in Big Sky Montana, both in the winter and spring seasons.

4. Enjoy Fly Fishing

Not all U.S states have permission for Ribbon fisheries. Luckily Montana state is an officially designated place for Blue Ribbon fisheries. The Blue Ribbon means the fish and water are of high quality here. Their levels of purity are on different levels. There are many Blue Ribbon fisheries at Big Sky. You will find Madison, Gallatin river, and Yellowstone Rivers. For Fly Fishing, these rivers are the best option for you in the entire Big Sky Montana.

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Fly fishing is a type of activity mostly associated with the summertime. This activity is not only a favorite among tourists, but even the locals here at Big Sky love to do fly fishing. Western Montana is a great place for doing tons of amazing things, but this place is also a true untamed wilderness. If you are not careful and don’t have any guidance from the locals, you may fall into trouble. Take a fly fishing guide, regardless of the season. Not only this, but the Big Sky weather is also very unpredictable. For one moment, the weather is perfect, but right the next moment, it can be monstrous weather.

So, it becomes crucial for you to dress properly and get yourself covered with waders and neoprene socks. Spring and summertime is the best perfect time for invading those weather. If you do not know how to try this, you can get local help from places like Grizzy Guides or the Gallatin Outfitters.

5. Hike In The Beehive Basin Trail

The hiking trails are accessible from the Big Sky, Montana, and these trails are much longer than your expectation. All big or small adventures come from the Custer Gallatin National Forest community. There are even other trails where you can start your hiking adventure. But the 6.6 miles long round trip to Beehive Basin is the most iconic and popular among tourists and locals.

If you go hiking on one of Montana’s best trails, you can see big mountain views on your way to the Beehive Basin trail. This trailhead is close to the Big Sky Mountain Village and is extremely popular on weekends. It is a one-way route that covers over three miles and has over 1500 feet of elevation gain along the way.

The mountain meadow paradise is another popular place during this trail. You should stop at the spot and take pictures to make things memorable. You will find a beautiful glacier cirque at the end of the Beehive Basin Trail. This glacier features an afternoon of leisure exploration. The water left is crystal clear, and it comes from the melted glacier and the upright mountains that offer classic Montana scenery.

The winter temperatures in this area are very scarce and can be dangerous if you’re not physically perfect. The best time for you to make it into the hike is in the summer months. At this time, the snow melts from higher elevations, and the wildflowers fully bloom, giving an additional beauty.

6. Mountain Biking

The Big Sky mountain biking is very popular among tourists. It is as popular as skiing in Big Sky. Mountain biking at this spot is world-renowned since this is the destination for mountain biking during the summer season.

Did you ever try biking on snow and ice? It is a very strenuous job, and it is not recommended. But mountain biking at Big Sky is different. They offer fat bikes, which look like any regular mountain bike on steroids. But, this is where fat bikes play their role.

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This bike’s tires are oversized and filled with low air pressure. It helps bikers to get better traction during biking in any terrain. They are more like ATVs. With this fat bike, you can easily ride in the mountains, and thus this is the best thing to do at Big Sky Montana.

It does not matter if you visit this place during the summertime or wintertime; you will get to ride your bike in the total provided area. It covers more than hundreds of miles of biking trails. If you take a closer look at the Big Sky resort, it covers around 40 miles of trails, which includes more than 20 miles accessible by lift only. You can take your bikes in rent from Big Sky Resort, or if you wish to get the fat bikes from somewhere else, you can get them from some locally-owned Gallatin Alpine Sports.

7. Spending A Day At Lone Mountain Ranch

The Lone Mountain Ranch is a gem of Big Sky Montana. Spending a day here at Lone Mountain Ranch can be the best thing you do on your trip to Big Sky. You will find many horses wandering in the fields and the hillsides. The stables and pens are also well managed in this place. You can engage yourself in plenty of things to make things more memorable.

At the Lone Mountain Ranch, you will get many things to explore. They offer Nordic skiing and sleigh ride dinners.

So even though you are visiting this place during summertime, the Lone Mountain Ranch can be a great addition to your vacation list in the winter season. In addition, if you are going with your family and the kids in your group cannot withstand long trials, they can take cowpoke rides, which are smaller and simple rides on the simple trails on Lone Mountain Ranch. Even for adults who are not used to horseback riding, these rides will help them to get used to horseback riding.

8. Visit Yellowstone

Big Sky is the best option if you want to explore Yellowstone National Park in the best way possible. The base camp in Big Sky will give you the perfect ambiance for exploring the entire Yellowstone National Park. If you take a ride to the West Entrance of this park, it will take only an hour drive, and also, it will be a scenic drive.

Considering the total area covered by Big Sky, they also allow you to experience multi-night adventures and make many memories. The day trips to this nation’s first national park are also amazing.

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This national park of America successfully draws the attention of millions of visitors, especially from May to September each year. The vast, diverse and inspiring area is the main reason for catching sight of visitors. Yellowstone National Park looks amazing in the winter season and is only 50 miles from the Big Sky.

The winter temperatures of this place bring magnificent wildlife to the lower elevations. During its time, you can get a chance to spot some bison, elk, moose, and bighorn sheep.

However, in the winter season, there is a chance that you may find yourself alone in famous places like Old Faithful and Grand Prismatic Spring. During this time, most of the roads to the park are close, and the only one accessible is the road running from the Northern Entrance in Gardiner near the Mammoth Hot Spring to the Northeast Entrance in Cooke City.

Unfortunately, even this road gets closed due to the winter storms. So, hiring some local drivers is better since driving alone can be dangerous. In Big Sky, you will get several guided sightseeing tips from Yellowstone National Park. They also include the day trip options from the Big Sky Resort.

9. White Water Raft On The Gallatin River

The Gallatin River of Montana passes by Big Sky and starts its journey through a rocky canyon. However, the major section of this river can be found near Big Sky. It has challenging rapids, which include House Rocks and Mad Mile. These rivers have been designated as the best rivers for white water rafting.

If you want to enjoy rafting in the white water, you can take the trip plans from the outfitters. They offer both half-day and full day-trips on the famous Gallatin River. There are two major parts of this river. The lower section of this river provides many bigger rapids, which are hard to paddle through.

Besides the rafting adventure, you can take some scenic floats through Gallatin’s upper canyon. Here, the chances of seeing wildlife are very high. You can reach the Geyser Whitewater Expeditions on the Gallatin river to get excellent guidance from a professional agency. This agency has some exciting packages which combine white water excursions.

You will also get to do many more exciting activities. It includes guided horseback rides and zipline adventures. However, if you do not like the packages of this agency, Montana Whitewater is also available for service,

10. Visit The Big Sky, Montana Market

Besides horseback riding, rafting on the Gallatin river, or visiting Yellowstone National Park, you can go shopping at Big Sky. This is also the best thing to do in Big Sky Montana during winter. There are many gear shops in the market and some fabulous and unique art galleries.

However, you will not find many locally-owned shops in the Big Sky market. But, it will not affect your shopping much, since everything is well-maintained here, and whatever you search for is of the best quality.

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Besides shopping, you can sit back at some of the best breweries in Big Sky and enjoy the local drinks available. A glass of beer in the winter months in Big Sky will be a great addition to your daily adventures. There is a total of two independent breweries. The Lone Peak and Beehive Basin are the only breweries you can find in Big Sky.

If you ask for the best brewery from the Big Sky locals, they suggest you go for Lone Peak Brewery. Since they serve the best burgers in the town. The Beehive Basin Brewery is also good. They will offer their own snacks.


Planning for your winter trip to Montana? You must add Big Sky to your list and spend as much time as possible. You will discover many amazing things to do in Big Sky Mt.

You can visit some of the best restaurants in Big Sky for your folding. Riverhouse BBQ and Events, Horn And Cantle, and Montana Dinner Yurt are some of the best restaurants that you will find in Big Sky Montana.

Also, you can book your stay at the Big Sky Resort Village Center in the Mountain Village for your stay in Big Sky. You will get an outstanding look from your room, and the distance from this resort to the hiking trails is very less.

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